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A standalone version of CL's orcish, ebony, and daedric weapons replacers for Skyrim SE.

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Before I moved to Special Edition I'd always enjoyed the standalone versions of CrazyLion's orcish, ebony, and daedric weapon replacers. Since they never got around to making a standalone version for Skyrim SE, I took it upon myself to do so and have posted it to the Nexus with their permission.

Instead of replacing the meshes and textures of the orcish, ebony, and daedric weapons, you'll be able to use CL's versions alongside their vanilla counterparts. That means new daggers, swords, greatswords, war axes, battleaxes, maces, warhammers, and bows for all three materials; new ebony and daedric arrows; and orcish and ebony shields. These new weapons and shields can be crafted and tempered in the same manner as their vanilla counterparts, with the same materials, and holding the same stats. The Nettlebane and Blade of Sacrifice replacers from the ebony pack are also included for completeness, but these are replacers, not standalone.

Similar to mods like Winter is Coming and Ennead Cloaks, you'll need a "Crazy Lion Crafting Hammer" for the recipes for these new weapons to show up at the forge. This can be made with just an ingot of iron. If you feel this is unnecessary, however, there is a "no crafting hammer" version of the plugin available through the FOMOD installer.

As with CL's ebony weapon replacer, you'll be able to choose light or dark leather accents for the dagger, sword, and quiver. However, you'll be able to make and use all three colour variants of the ebony arrow: with red, blue, and black & white fletching. You can freely switch your arrows between the three types at the tanning rack, in batches of one or twenty-four.

Utilising the latest in basic knowledge of xEdit, I've flagged this mod's plugin as an ESPFE "light" plugin. The main plugin - and if you use it, the Nettlebane and Sacrifice plugin - will be automatically merged into the 0xFE load order slot, meaning you don't have to worry about clogging up your limited 255 plugin slots. Refer also to this AFK Mods page on ESLs.