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All credit goes to J3X. I only repackaged the files for Skyrim SE. Original post here.

Flyable Broomstick v 0.4
by J3X

You need Skyrim v 1.6 or higher to use this mod.

This mods adds a flyable broomstick and a levitation spell. You can fly around everywhere with it and it will not clip into the terrain. It can also be used as a weapon, shooting deadly bolts of lighting.
You must fight a witch in Alchemist's Shack, a small wooden shack located between Haemar's Shame and Ivarstead.
You can also craft the broom with one Broom and 3 Grand Soulgems.

You can find the spelltome for the levitation near Rannveig's Fast, ancient Nordic tomb, in the southern mountains of Hjaalmarch.

Drop the broom to make it rideable (pick it up, then drop it). Steer with your mouse and keyboard, if works as any ordinary horse, look up and down to travel up and down.

If you only want the levitation spell try Levitate - A Morrowind Spell for Skyrim by Daiyus -
spidermax96 created a flyable magic carpet mod using the same scripts as this mod, check if out! -
Femme Fatale Mod by Chapmister333 allows you to transform into, among other things, a witch. It uses this mod.