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A mostly clean, skill progression, level progression, and quest progression free experience with a enhanced and realistic progression save.

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With Skyrim TOGETHER around the corner, and a new computer cleaning my saves, I decided to advance through the main quest in a quick and clean fashion. This meant no skill progression (outside of skill books picked up) and all the gear I encountered during my playthrough. There were 2 ESPs installed in this save, 1 being the custom Skyrim ini esp and project optimization esp (both I recommend). This should work without either installed, if it doesn't let me know. Also made the effort to pick up everything 'valuable' I encountered. (sometimes just doing the R button on every person/thing killed). Thus the character weighs over 4k units. I recommend TGM and finding a place to store the stuff like Sleeping Giant Inn.

The enhanced version comes with ALL SPELL TOMES, ALL CRAFTING INGRIEDIENTS (ingots and leather) and 50k gold to provide a good basis for a high level char, while the non-enhanced has only what you can obtain naturally through play in the main quest. (same file name, but the enhanced is labeled as such)

Please let me know if there is any issues with these saves.

(Oh and I had bone break fever when I took the screens. That is fixed now.)