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Allows you to craft all 10 circlets and all 9 Divine amulets.

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Allows you to craft all 10 circlets and all 9 Divine amulets.

I saw mods that did one or the other, but not both, and I didn't want to waste a plugin slot. So I created my own version.

The crafting recipes were made to be balanced with the look of the item. Check pics to see recipes.

*The main file is an ESP. There is an optional ESPFE file, which is an ESP with the ESL flag and will not count towards your load order limit.

Update 1.1 - The 9 Divine amulets now require the Arcane Blacksmith perk. I've left up the old versions for those who do not want to have the perk requirement.

Skyrim Special Edition

*Installing with a Mod Manager:
1. Add and activate the archives

*Manual Installation:
1. Extract the file
2. Put the extracted esp into your Skyrim Special Edition Data folder
3. Enable the main file in your Skyrim Special Edition Launcher

1. Uninstall the mod with your mod manager, or by removing the esp manually

(Note: This is for Skyrim Special Edition only.)

Compatibility: (Works With)

- Pretty much anything, as this only adds crafting recipes.

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