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A combat-centric gameplay overhaul for those nostalgic for the intensity of Requiem. This mod tweaks various different game settings related to combat, abilities, and character progression... all with zero scripts or external assets. Designed to be used with Enai Siaion's Smilodon, but it's technically compatible with any combat overhaul of choice

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SkyLITE Combat Overhaul   -   What is this mod?

It's a 5-minute copy-paste job, taking the best features from the greatest and most commonly used combat tweaks in the Skyrim modding community.

SkyLITE is a collection of combat-related tweaks originally designed as an expansion to Enai Siaion's masterful combat mod Smilodon, but it's technically compatible with any combat overhaul of your choice. Version 2.0 covers various different aspects related to combat, abilities, enemies, and other related tweaks... all without a single script or external asset. With a focus on increasing the intensity and pacing of combat for a more "Requiem-like" feel, this simple esp plugin modifies damage multipliers, health and stamina regeneration, movement and rotation speeds, enemy abilities and leveled actors, standing stones blessings and more.

Increased Damage: 

Novice: 3x - 1.5x
Apprentice: 3x - 2x
Adept: 3x - 3x
Expert: 2x - 3x
Master: 2x - 4x
Legendary: 1x - 4x

The backbone of this mod is Enai's realistic damage plugin. This mod is intended for those who prefer the increased damage of that plugin, but would like to see other aspects of combat to be re-balanced for a fast-paced experience. I simply edited the esp in SSEedit and changed various values to suit my sense of balance. Now fights are faster and more engaging than ever, requiring you to invest focus in mobility/dodging and timing your hits.

As fast as this makes the combat however, veterans may find the higher difficulty levels to be a bit "easier" than vanilla, This is because although your enemies hit hard, so do you. So good players could take advantage of timely attacks and positioning to kill their foes faster before they get hit, but getting hit has more significant consequences now.

The overall scaling of the damage has been tripled for Adept difficulty. Those seeking a more challenging experience are encouraged to try Master difficulty, where you only deal half of the damage as your enemy. Legendary difficulty has you deal only a quarter of the damage of your enemies, making it the go-to setting for Requiem veterans, or high-level end-gamers who get tired of one-shotting everything.

Health and Stamina Overhaul:

I disabled passive health regeneration (credits: Ice885) for a more "Requiem-like" feel. To balance this out, I had to tweak potions and enchantments related to restoration. I replaced the instant heal of potions with a 5-second heal-over-time effect, to prevent "cheesing" the menu-pause when you get too low. I also reduced the effectiveness of regeneration enchantments and effects to balance the increased value of health regeneration in this mod.

Compared to Smilodon's changes, I doubled the in-combat stamina regeneration rate, and halved the regeneration cool-down after use. This is to make up for Smilodon's immersive but sometimes overbearing stamina costs for attacks. This also allowed me to custom tweak the stamina costs of various combat actions such as power attacking, blocking, shield bashing, and power bashing. Now you can fight a bit more normally without having to run around waiting forever for your stamina to regenerate after a couple swings.

I also cut down the stamina cost for sprinting to a quarter of the vanilla rate, so you're not zero stamina all the time without a horse. Stamina is a resource best reserved for combat scenarios.

Attack Commitment and Staggering:

Using Center05's mod Mortal Enemies as a foundation, I tweaked movement speeds and rotation speeds to add a sense of "weight" to all attacks. Now your weapon swings feel more committed to the direction your movement. And the same applies to enemies, allowing new combat tactics involving dodging and positioning without having enemies magically realign to your new position. These tactics will be essential for survival in a world where attacks of all types do a realistically magnified amount of damage.

I also adjusted the staggering mechanics from Smilodon to feel a bit more realistic and less "mechanical". No longer will a random shield-bash put you into a drunken stupor for a whole 3 seconds. More types of attacks stagger you now, but the duration of staggers have been reduced to a less nauseating level.

Fight to the Death:

I removed most of the kill-moves from the game. Now, you actually need to fight till one side drops to zero. No longer can you get a dungeon boss down to 50% HP only to decapitate them in an anticlimactic coincidence. No longer are you forced to position far away from massive creatures and two-handed enemies out of fear that they'll randomly one-shot you with a fatality if you get too close.

With the increased damage ratios of this plugin, I needed to enable high-risk high-reward combat tactics, and kill-moves were my last obstacle to this vision. Sneak kill-moves, however, should still be active, so you can still stealthily execute your foes in a nice cinematic assassination. 

Deadlier Enemies:

The difficulty of enemies has also been increased. Focusing on maximum compatibility with enemy overhauls, I increased the difficulty of enemies by adjusting the values for leveled actors. I increased the leveled actor values such that most world enemies scale to your level, and bosses scale to almost twice your level. More precisely: weak enemies are set to 10% above your level, normal enemies are 20% above your level, hard enemies are 30% above your level, and bosses are 80% above your level.

Dragons have also been buffed to take 50% less damage from players and 75% less damage from NPCs. This stacks with the 1/4th damage to massive creatures in Smilodon's Realistic Damage Plugin to make dragons up to 8 times tankier. This is necessary to offset the the increased damage in this plugin, so no longer will Irileth body that first dragon in less than a minute. To balance their increased sturdiness, I also reduced the random dragon spawn rate to 10% of the vanilla rate. so you don't get tired of facing legendary dragons every other time your fast-travel.

Auxiliary Tweaks:

I included the following auxiliary gameplay tweaks to balance some key features of the game with the increased difficulty of this mod. I understand that some of these tweaks may be a bit beyond the scope of a combat-focused mod, but I had a hard time picking out individual mods to fix these basic essential features, so I decided to just include all of them here. Keep in mind that this mod was created primarily with console users in mind. If you don't like an edit, you're free to use SSEedit to remove it.

Spells: The increased damage from this mod may put lightly-armored mages in quite the predicament in some scenarios. I buffed the mage-armor spells to make things a bit more manageable for our spell-casters. I also removed the disarm effect from shouts entirely, cause having your weapon disappearing into a wall is frustrating.

Quests: Vampires are difficult and awesome as always, but it's not awesome when you're level 8 and a random fledgling spawns in Whiterun and murders everyone who doesn't have a silver weapon. I've set it so that vampires don't attack towns till you're level 39, and you can't start the Dawnguard quest-line till you're level 40. Likewise, the Dragonsborn quest-line won't start until you kill Alduin and finish the main story, so no more cultist attacks till you've gained the strength and fame to warrant it.

Bounties: I added 100 to 200 more gold to the radiant-quest bounty rewards to make up for their increased difficulty, so now it's actually economically viable to embark on such quests as a means of income for gear. 

NPCs: The AI of guards is tweaked so that they actually come to your defense if another NPC initiates unprovoked hostility against you (credits: CrushBoss). I flagged followers as essential for the duration of their stay, so you can safely use Apocalypse spells without fearing a one-shot misfire fatality with the increased damage from this mod. I also cut the distance that NPCs greet you by half, so you no longer have to take on the entirety of Whiterun's military after beheading Nazeem and shipping his head off to the cloud district.


Use a mod manager or just paste the esp into the data folder. Don't forget to endorse if you like it.


Before uninstalling, make sure to re-enable passive health regeneration through the spell (included). Then, uninstall using a mod manager, or just delete the esp from the data folder. Please leave your thoughts and criticisms in the comments.

Load Order:

1)Smilodon with its Realistic Damage Patch (strongly recommended), or any other combat overhaul.
2) Any mod that overhauls enemies/creatures en masse, specifically those that make enemy race-edits (like AAE or SRCEO).
3) SkyLITE Combat Tweaks (This Mod).
4) Any mods that alter specific enemies or enemy types (like Dragon overhauls), or adds new enemies only (like OBIS or High Level Enemies), or alters encounter zones and leveled actors (like Skyrim Revamped), or overhauls Alchemy (like SAFO/CACO/etc).


This mod uses no scripts or assets. It literally just modifies some numbers in Skyrim's settings. Any other mods that modifies the same stuff with "conflict", but that's normal. The settings/values for whatever is loaded the latest will be what's applied in the game. The worst that can happen is one of the changes in this mod won't carry over.

Mods that alter enemies are "compatible" per-se, but anything that makes enemy race-edits dependent on new spells/abilities/AI will conflict. Minor race edits like Advanced Adversary Encounters should work fine, just load it higher (earlier) than this mod if you wish to retain the movement/rotation-speed changes from this mod. Major race edits like SkyTEST or Animal Tweaks are incompatible, as loading it earlier would disable many features from those mods, and loading it later would disable the movement/rotation changes from this mod.

Mods that alter enemies without race edits or add new enemies only - such as OBIS or High Level Enemies - should be compatible and safe to load lower (later) than this mod. Those who use an encounter-zone mod should load it after (lower than) this mod, as loading it before (higher) may lead to unintended levels of difficulty and frustration in the early levels.

This mod could also conflict with follower overhauls that modify flags, so use with caution. Multiple followers are for milk-drinkers anyway. 

Technical Requirements:


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Enhanced Mighty Dragons
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This is literally just a bunch of tweaked numbers in Skyrim's settings, copy-pasted from various geniuses from the modding community who's opened up their mods for public tweaking. It's not something I can ever take credit for. All credit goes to the artists who crafted the original pieces: Enai Siaion, Bretton, Center05, Kryten397, Olliekun, Ice885, DracoX09, xAcex0, CrushBoss, and all others who have made mods tweaking these features, inspiring myself and other modders to come.