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Saerileth -- port by robbobert

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Think the vanilla hairstyle selection for khajiit stinks? Then this mod is for you! Adds a unique, highly detailed hairstyle for male and female khajiit characters.

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A SSE port of the Khajiit Hair mod by Saerileth, uploaded with Saerileth's permission. You can find the original mod here:

Oldrim version of Khajiit Hair


dds a unique, highly detailed hairstyle for Khajiit characters (male only). Made for personal use, so please don't ask for conversions or other changes, I probably will not oblige.

Male hairstyle comes in two versions, one with a set of copper earrings in the left ear, and one without.  Standalone, does not replace any vanilla hairstyles. Player character only, not added to any NPCs.

There are two versions of the female hairstyle as well, one with the comb and one without it.

Textures and normals are 2k, I think that's reasonable for a player-only hairstyle. If you need a smaller size, please use a tool (e.g. DDSopt) to resize them yourself.

The hair colour can be changed during character creation, but the texture is very desaturated to allow for truly white / gray hair colour. Might not work so well with the vanilla hair tints, use Racemenu for full control over hair colour.

with NMM or install manually by extracting everything to your Data folder. Don't forget to activate the plugin file! All hairstyles will be available to choose during character creation.

Should be compatible with literally anything.