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Adds spellbook inventory spells and race power AI to NPCs

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Runtime Spell Assigner

  • Adds spells contained in spellbooks if an NPC has one in its inventory. Allows custom spells to be added to them dynamically where mods like ASIS cannot.
  • Adds AI for NPCs to use their racial powers with the applicable cooldowns. This affects one person at a time.

Supported Races:
  • Altmer: Casts Highborn when low on magicka
  • Argonian: Casts Histskin when health is reduced
  • Bosmer: Casts Command Animal when in range to a valid target that's not a friend or ally of the caster's enemy. Ridden animals are excluded
  • Breton: Casts Dragonskin when health is reduced and hit by at least one spell
  • Dunmer: Casts Ancestor's Wrath when health is reduced
  • Imperial: Casts Voice of the Emperor when health is reduced and if few allies would be affected
  • Khajiit: Casts Night Eye when searching for enemy. One-day cooldown does not apply. The player will not notice if this is active, and sneaking around users would be more difficult if you are in their LOS.
  • Nord: Casts Battle Cry when health is reduced and if few allies would be affected
  • Orsimer: Casts Berserker Rage when health is reduced
  • Redguard: Casts Adrenaline Rush when stamina is reduced

  1. Run in the console: stopquest MOLAVERuntimeSpellAssignActivator
  2. Save game
  3. Remove old version of mod
  4. Reload game without the mod and save again
  5. Install new version of mod
  6. Reload game

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