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"Elemental Arrows is a mod that adds magic imbued arrows that can be crafted at smithing forges. Each arrow has their own unique effects and properties, giving archers more variety in playing styles." - Quote By Fuma

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This is a full port from skyrim into SE, i have full rights to this mod, and permission from Fuma to update for SE and post it here,

and i quote from fuma " I might be getting SE soon, but not sure if I'll get back into modding yet,  Just give credits where it's due."

I have done ALOT of testing over the last few days with this and it seems to work PERFECTLY in SSE, with that being said if you find any bugs let me know!!

This is a full copy paste from the original mod Description:::: 

Archery is one of the play styles in Skyrim that I find more interesting than the others. Swinging a sword, hammering an axe, or shooting fire out of your hands is nothing compared to the feeling of nocking an arrow into you bow, pull, take aim, and unleashing death from a distance as you see your carefully prepared shot take down its target.

Elemental Arrows is a mod that adds magic imbued arrows that can be crafted at smithing forges. Each arrow has their own unique effects and properties, giving archers more variety in playing styles. Especially if you're an archer that doesn't want to spend time maxing Enchanting to get most out of Archery. There are already several mods that add "magical arrows" into the game, however I felt that most of them were either overpowered, didn't scale well, too hard to access for practical playing, or were plain outdated (after not being updated for so long).

This mod also includes the spinning arrow meshes from my other mod, Ultimate Spinning Arrows. Arrows will also emit light during flight, making it easier to see where your shot lands. The arrows are given custom textures to differentiate them from other arrows. The arrows have been carefully tweaked with appropriate and fitting visual effects to properly reflect their use during gameplay.

Thanks for the video Brodual!


The requirement to craft all these arrows is a minimum Alchemy skill level of 25, and the Arcane Blacksmith perk. Crafting is done on a smithing forge. All these arrows require Gem Arrows as the base ingredient for crafting them. These arrows may also be found on merchants, blacksmiths, and random loot. Some high leveled undead and Thalmor may also carry them. However, the magic arrows are very rare to find, and they usually come in low quantities, due to the scarcity of the required ingredients to craft them.

=== GEM ARROWS ===
Base ingredient for crafting magic arrows. Craftable, but also found randomly on merchants and blacksmiths.

-- 2 Empty Common Soul Gems + 2 Firewood = 20 Gem Arrows
-- 4 Empty Common Soul Gems + 4 Firewood = 40 Gem Arrows
-- 6 Empty Common Soul Gems + 6 Firewood = 60 Gem Arrows

Elven Crafting Category


Arrows crafted using less known elven magic smithing techniques, by imbuing the arrowhead with a mixture of magical ingredients to create magical arrows. The lesser known fact is that the actual magics lie in the fletch itself, as you can see the magics being released as the archer shoots the arrow from his bow. The arrowhead instead contains the ingredients which are released upon impact. That is when the magicka from the fletch "ignites" the arrowhead, creating a chain reaction that will manifest the desired effects depending on the ingredients used to create these arrows.

Elven Crafting Category

10 Fire Damage for 10 seconds
Lights up the impacted area for 10 seconds

-- Fire Salts + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Fire Salts + 60 Gem Arrows

10 Frost Damage for 5 seconds
10 Stamina Damage for 5 seconds
Reduce target speed by 50% for 5 seconds

-- Frost Salts + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Frost Salts + 60 Gem Arrows

60 Shock Damage
40 Magicka Damage

-- Void Salts + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Void Salts + 60 Gem Arrows

25 Damage
Staggers enemies
20% chance to disarm enemies that are not blocking

-- Giant's Toe + 2 Mammoth Tusks + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Giant's Toes + 6 Mammoth Tusks + 60 Gem Arrows

5 Poison Damage for 6 seconds
Paralyze enemy for 5 seconds on impact
Illuminates the impacted area for 10 seconds

-- Spriggan Sap + 3 Taproots + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Spriggan Sap + 9 Taproots + 60 Gem Arrows

Blows enemies away with a strong gust of wind

Hawk Beak + Hawk Feathers + 2 Tundra Cotton + 20 Gem Arrows
3 Hawk Beaks + 3 Hawk Feathers + 6 Tundra Cottons + 60 Gem Arrows

Petrifies the target for 30 seconds
Reduce all damage the target takes by 90%

-- 5 Spawn Ash + Heart Stone + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 15 Spawn Ash + 3 Heart Stones + 60 Gem Arrows

Arrows made using ancient Dwemer knowledge of manipulating magicka and Dwarven smithing techniques. These arrows are not made merely by smithing prowess or arcane mastery, but through countless experiments and research with Dwemer science and technology. Unlike magical arrows made by elvenfolk, these arrows contain compressed magicka contained within a core, embedded in each arrowhead. Throughout the years, some Dwarven archers shared knowledge of the creation of these arrows with fellow archers throughout their travels. Today, this knowledge is no longer a secret to adamant archers everywhere, but only a few have the skill to craft them.

Dwarven Crafting Category

Explodes for 50 Fire Damage on impact
5 Fire Damage for 10 seconds
Blows enemies away

-- Fire Salts + Filled Greater Soul Gem + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Fire Salts + 3 Filled Greater Soul Gems + 60 Gem Arrows

Explodes on impact and creates an icy whirlwind for 5 seconds, freezing anyone caught up in the explosion
Enemies in the area of impact take 10 Frost Damage and 10 Stamina Damage per second and reduced movement speed

-- Frost Salts + Filled Greater Soul Gem + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Frost Salts + 3 Filled Greater Soul Gems + 60 Gem Arrows

Explodes for 40 Shock Damage and 60 Magicka Damage on impact
Enemies caught in the explosion are stunned
Creates a wall of shock for 5 seconds that will stun any enemies that goes near it

-- Void Salts + Filled Greater Soul Gem + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Void Salts + 3 Filled Greater Soul Gems + 60 Gem Arrows

Deals 50 Magicka Damage on impact
10 Magicka Damage for 10 seconds
Reduce Magicka Regeneration by 50% for 10 seconds

-- Nirnroot + 5 Blue Mountain Flowers + Filled Greater Soul Gem + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Nirnroots + 15 Blue Mountain Flowers + 3 Filled Greater Soul Gem + 60 Gem Arrows

Deals 70 Damage to target
Arrow travels faster and further
30% chance to stagger enemy

-- Dwarven Oil + Filled Greater Soul Gem + 20 Gem Arrows
-- 3 Dwarven Oil + 3 Filled Greater Soul Gem + 60 Gem Arrows

Enrages targets, making them attack anything and anyone for 60 seconds
May occasionally cause them to be invisible

-- 5 Troll Fat + 5 Blisterwort + Filled Greater Soul Gem + 20 Gem Arrows 
-- 15 Troll Fat + 15 Blisterwort + 3 Filled Greater Soul Gem + 60 Gem Arrows 

The arrow releases whatever magic it was imbued with on impact. The explosion itself actually has an area of effect, depending on the arrow. So you can aim at the floor or wall, and there's a good chance that whoever is close enough takes damage.

This mod requires the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC. Installation can be done via any mod manager like Wrye Bash, Mod Organizer, or Nexus Mod Manager. Manual installation is done by manually extracting the files to the appropriate folders.

Remove all the files to uninstall this mod.

This mod uses its own meshes and textures. It only used vanilla meshes for the quivers, the textures will change depending which texture replacers you install. This mod also won't be affected by mods that changes vanilla arrows. You can place this mod anywhere on the load order. This mod will not conflict with any other mod.

Headshots doesn't work a few arrows. Currently working on fixing this.

Planned Updates
- More elemental arrows
- Elemental bolts
- A book in-game that explains each arrow's properties and ingredients, so that you don't have to look up online or memorize what ingredients you have to gather every time. Alternatively, try out Take Notes


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