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Fixes the bug where all character lighting other than diffuse breaks unless you are facing due north in game.

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SSE Character Specular (and more..) Lighting Fix

Yes, this really works.

Due to a bug in the game's character lighting shaders, all lighting other than Diffuse was broken unless your character was pointing straight north, and even then it wasn't necessarily working correctly. This mod is a patched shader file that patches all 378 of the affected shaders, fixing one of the nastiest bugs in SSE.

Engine Fixes??

I decided to make it a separate mod due to the severity of the bug and the fact that it doesn't involve the SKSE DLL part at all, its purely a shader patch.


  • Install like any other mod. It just replaces the file that's inside the Shaders bsa, so a loose file will override it.
  • SE ENB version 0.370 and up includes this fix and it will conflict; you do not need the mod if you use ENB.
  • Skyrim SE 1.5.80 and higher include this fix, you do not need it for those versions.

MO will show like this for now. It will work. The shadersfx folder doesnt count as data in MO yet. This will be fixed next time MO has a release.


my cold - made me crazy enough to think "what if"
jonwd7 - one minute explanation of lighting that saved us all
Nukem - the usual
3Dmigoto team - made this a hell of a lot easier than it would have been otherwise
ousnius - thanks for nothing