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Get to and from all hold capitals by carriage. Carriages now leave from Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal and Winterhold.

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Bethesda decided to give us a way to fast travel that's immersive, like the system from Morrowind. Wonderful! Bethesda decided to let us only leave from five of the hold capitals. So, how is that supposed to be useful?

Since the carriage system is pretty modular, it wasn't hard to add in new carriages leaving from the minor hold capitals. It's just a quick fix, but for anyone who swears off of fast travel, the added mobility helps keep things from being a constant slog across the countryside to get to the nearest carriage halfway across Skyrim.

It looks as if there's leftover coding that was meant to allow travel by carriage to the various villages of Skyrim, but my level of experience is like a monkey with a hammer trying to perform open heart surgery, so no promises there.

Don't like where the carts are? David Brasher's Cart in Each Big Town does pretty much the same thing, but puts them closer to the center of town!

Recent changes:
Facegen data for carriage drivers, actual real mod cleaning through TES5Edit.

Compatibility issues:
Shouldn't be incompatible with anything except something that would put things in the places where the carriages now go. No changes were made to the scripts so anything that changes those should affect all of the carriage operators uniformly.

Extract the archive into your Data folder, then tick the ExpandedCarriageService.esp file in your launcher of choice. Or just use Nexus Mod Manager.

The mod is just a simple .esp mod, so all you need to do is delete the ExpandedCarriageService.esp from your Data folder.