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A shout to nearly stop time

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This is the SSE version (VR compatible).       >>> Oldrim version<<<

This shout will nearly stop time. This is not a shout replacement! it contains its own word of power (Tiid Diin) and voice (Za Warudo voice version also available), so you can still use the slow time shout as normal. The voice uses parts taken from different shouts to make one sound file.

Just like the vanilla  Slow Time shout, it slows things down, but this one will make things much slower for a longer period of time.
The word of power can be learned at a wall that is placed just north of the western watch tower (south west of Whiterun). walk there or use the console command "coc testtundra" to teleport to the cell. If you have trouble with not being able to learn the word of power at the wall, try loading an earlier save.

To see a brief preview, click here or look in the video tab.

suggestions are always welcome. have fun


Version 1.1
1. Cleaned up the description and words in the shout. There was no need to have the same word repeated three times in a shout that only needs one word.
2. Reduced the effect time from 4 minutes to 90 seconds.