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This is a lightweight implementation of the headtracking for player (designed mostly for the peaceful environments). Player can enable or disable the headtracking using simple in-game actions. NO scripts are running when you don't use the feature.

The mood system is designed to make facial expressions fit the environment.

Permissions and credits
Versions for XBox One and Play Station 4 are available
Version for Regular Skyrim is still available

The original technical idea of using the "IsNPC" attribute belongs to Maegfaer. All credits goes to him.

By default, your Skyrim character doesn't face any other NPC in third person.
With Headtracking enabled people and creatures nearby will attract your character's attention.

The headtracking in this mod is enabled on demand when you Unequip some armor/clothing (for example, a helmet).
Also, the headtracking is triggered when you get up from the furniture (for example, stop doing alchemy or get up from a chair)

- Move to switch between targets
------> [Equip a weapon/spell to the right hand] Will be more suspicious and switch targets slowly. Will not change targets while standing in place.
------> [Unequip weapon/spell from the right hand] => Dovakin feels more comformtable, less suspicious - will change targets faster, will change targets even while standing still

- Draw your weapon or run far away from the latest target to stop Headtracking.

This mod WILL work with dead characters (yes, it's by design).

Looking at some characters will cause emotions (you character will change his/her facial expression)

Looking at friend will make Dragonborn happy. Looking at enemy will make dragonborn angry. Dead enemies killed by the player will cause anger, Dead enemies killed by other NPCs will cause disgust.

The mod is using the complex "mood" concept to make expressions fit the environment. The mood serves to "accumulate" your emotions. The single emotions will be shown ONLY if they are stronger than your current mood.

For example, if you meet your spouse in a peaceful environment, your character will have a Happy face. But if you seen several dead friends nearby you will have a Sad face, because your overall mood is Sad.

The mood is reset each time you stop the Headtracking (by drawing your weapon).

Performance and stability
- NO scripts are running when you don't use Headtracking
- No special requirements
- SKSE free and should be compatible with most other mods (NOT compatible with other headtracking mods)
- The mod is NOT using the "OnUpdate" events.
- The script is using the "lazy" logic to minimize the impact on the overall latency (as few characters will be processed as possible). Please, note, that this is a less accurate approach.
- Safe to uninstall at any time when your character is not performing the Headtracking (no special procedure required)