Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

SSE CBBE conversion of the popular Immersive Armours mod by HothTrooper44.

Permissions and credits


This is my long overdue conversion of the very popular Immersive Armours mod, which features:
- BodySlide files for all female outfits, including gauntlets, boots and necklaces where applicable.
- Apotheus, Archer, Ebon Drake Light/Heavy, Ebony Mage and Paladin have zaps in BodySlide to remove parts of the mesh.
- Redguard Knight, Vanguard and Viking Hauberk have increased polys to make the mesh smoother.
- Hunter texture path has been fixed. Ebon Drake Light Alt fox fur has new textures. Paladin uses new mesh (courtesy of Bmthrooh) as original was a barrel. Incorrect scaling/rotation of gauntlets/boots has been fixed.
- Plugin includes the 'double footstep' fix, first person for both male and female, correct partition slots to avoid missing forearms/calves, and gives weight slider support to all female meshes.
- Ancient Barbarian, Barbarian, Conan, Mercenary, Ranger and Shaman have an optional physics-compatible version in BodySlide. No support is given for physics-related issues.

Manual: Download and install the required files. Download this mod and open it with 7zip. Drag+Drop/extract the folders to Skyrim Special Edition/Data.
Wrye Bash/Vortex/MO2: Download and install as you would any other mod. 
- Use BodySlide to generate the outfits with your own preset if required. Remember to activate the Immersive Armours plugin.

Manual: Use the archive to see what files you should delete.
Wrye/Vortex/MO2: Uninstall as you would any other mod.

Q1: Where are these armours/clothes located?
A: Please see the IA mod page.

Q2: Will you port this to Skyrim/Oldrim?
A: No.  I have completely moved on to SSE.

Q3: UNP/UNPB/etc?
A: No.

HothTrooper44 - For the original Immersive Armours mod.
Docteure - Weights and QC.
Oeliza - More polys.
Caliente and Ousnius - CBBE and BodySlide.
DEaglechan - Testing. So much testing. I'm sorry. Plz forgive. Also screenshots.
nam90 - Testing and screenshots.
Bmthrooh - Inspiration for some of the zaps. Paladin replacement meshes.