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A small patch that makes Argonians regenerate health while Wet if you're using Frostfall and Morningstar.

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This small patch makes Argonian's health regeneration passive (Morningstar) trigger when they are Wet instead of only when Swimming.

Frostfall punishes you a lot when you go in the water. My problem with the original passive from Morningstar is that if you wanted to proc mid-combat, you essentially paused the combat to wait for your health to regen, then came back at full health. But now you can get yourself wet and immediatly get back to the fight. Makes the passive worthwile the risk on going in frigid water.

The passive procs when you have the "Wet" or "Drenched" debuff from Frostfall, essentially. It will not proc when you're "Damp" though. It felt a bit out of place when you got a bit Wet because a single drop of rain hit you and the passive immediatly kicked in. This little requirement made it a bit more fair.

Obviously this mod requires Frostfall and Morningstar to work.

1) Drop the mod contents on you Data folder, usually; (your steam folder)\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data

Make sure to check your load order and make sure this mod is loaded AFTER Morningstar - Minimalistic Races of Skyrim.esl and Frostfall.esp
This mod is compatible with any version of Morningstar.