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This mod is designed to offer maximum werewolf experience. It's design is to provide more immersive features like evolution and more survivability with combat mods like Smilodon and on higher level difficulties. Compatible only with MTSE editions that DO NOT add perk tree.

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Bloodmoon Rising SSE 


Bloodmoon Rising Steam Group

Bloodmoon Rising is featured in "The best Skyrim Werewolf mods | 2018 Edition" by SinitarGaming






Human Form:

Werewolf Immunity (Werewolf Blood):

+100 % Disease Resist
+Heal Rate 1.25 - > 1.50 (With Feral Endurance Perk)
Carry Weight +100
Regenerate Stamina +25 % - > +50 (With Feral Endurance Perk)
Savage Claws (When gained Claws Of Rage lv 3) = critical chance/damage with all weapons 10% chance/+50 % damage

Passive abilities at 20pm-5 am (During night time):

Feral Speed 10 % (with Bloodmoon Rising perk (movement speed increase bonus))
+75 HP (with bloodmoon rising perk)

Spells and Powers:

Hunter's Senses: Detect Life Lesser Power (automatically added with Beast form) 60 seconds

Hunter's Sight: Night Eye Lesser Power (craftable book in taning rack only when you have beast blood) - only usable if you posses Werewolf Blood (Werewolf Immunity) 60 seconds, dispellable if you use the power again, read the spell book / potion to learn the spell


Werewolf Evolution  Perks:


"With the rank of the Beast, you have just started to understand the werewolf curse and with it you gained minor increase in health and stamina.Hunt under the moons to evolve further. When Hircine is pleased he will grant you with another werewolf rank."

+15 HP
+20 Stamina



"After spending time in your werewolf form and hunting under the moons, you now understand your condition and accepted the beast within.The rank of the Hunter gives you increased damage and increased health and stamina in your werewolf form."
+30 HP
+40 Stamina
+10 Damage

This perk is available when you reach certain thresholds:
Obtained Stalker Perk,
Werewolf Transformations: Minimum 20+,
People Killed: Minimum 30+,
Days as a Werewolf: Minimum 20+


Savage Hunter:

"Spending long time with the inner beast, you've reached Savage Hunter rank.
You gain immunity to Iron and Steel weapons, increased damage, health and stamina."

+40 HP
+50 Stamin
+20 Damage
Immunity to Iron And Steel Weapons (Bows are Excluded for balance)

This Perk is available when you reach certain thresholds:
Obtained Juggernaut Perk,
Days as a werewolf minimum 30+,
Werewolf Transformations minimum 40 +,
People Killed minimum 50 +

Apex Predator:

"After obtaining Savage Hunter rank you've become as one with your inner beast, feeding on your kills satisfies your urge for the hunt and grants you well rested bonus."

This ability grant's you well rested bonus after few feeding's, active for about 10 hours.

This perk is available when you reach certain thresholds:
Obtained Hunter Perk
Days as a werewolf 60 +
Werewolf Transformations 60 +
People killed minimum 200 +


You can track your progress of how many werewolf transformations, Days as a werewolf and people killed you have in:
General Stats Menu on the Game menu (Esc>General Stats tab)


Werewolf Survivability Perks:

Feral Endurance:

"Werewolf blood in your system grants you rapid health regeneration and stamina regeneration, both in human and werewolf form."

Gained Abilities:
Combat regeneration 1.00
Heal Rate 2 times more faster
Stamina Rate 100 % faster

Feral Hide Level 1:

"Werewolf form has its pros and cons, but werewolves are known for their tough hide in combat against most of the attacks. But, your weakness to silver is your bane, kill them fast or they will kill you."

Gained Abilities:
+50 Damage Resistance
+100 % Weakness to Silver weapons

Feral Hide Level 2:

"When Hircine is pleased with your hunting endevours, you gained his own hide and prowess in combat, thus your defence against most of the attacks has increased and you gain ability to quickly evade the attacks while time slowes down.This comes at a cost because you're now even more vulnerable to silver weapons."

Gained Abilities:
+100 Damage Resistance
+200 % Weakness to Slver Weapons

Sub Ability:

Feral Reflexes:
Time slows down during enemies normal/power attack for 2 seconds, this ability will help you to evade those attacks has 10 % chance to trigger.

Bloodmoon Rising:

""Blood Moon" or sometimes called "Hunter's Moon".
Many people have believed this is an evil omen that is related to the werewolf myths and legends as the werewolves stalk their prey in the glory of Hircine.
Bloodmoon Rising gives you bonuses to your werewolf and human form, increases health and movement speed during the night."

Gained Abilities:
+150 Health in Werewolf Form
Feral Speed 20% = +20 % Walk/Run Speed Increase in Werewolf Form
Only active from 20 PM-5 am


Combat Perks:


This is perk is your main ability to do alot of damage in short time to the enemies, and its designed primarly for Expert up to Legendary difficulty.

"In your beast form, the hunt drives you into madded rage ignoring 20 % armor, the damage increases with each consecutive hit when enemies health is lower. Versus undead you gain 100 bonus damage and 50 % armor piercing."

More about this ability:

+20 More damage when enemies are wounded 99% Hp-> 0%
+40 More Damage when enemies have 75% HP-> 0%
+80 More Damage when enemies have 55 % Hp->0 %
+120 More Damage when enemies have 40 % Hp-> 0%

NOTE: Stacking damage!
Max damage can be up to 280 bonus damage total!

Armor Piercing 0.80 (20 %) 

As you can see its a powerful ability designed to melt tanky enemies down, and even better vs dragons/giants and simmilar creatures

Sub Ability:

Enraged Fervor:

Deals more damage to undead creatures (draugr, vampires and such)
Initial damage is +100 but with 10 % chance
50 % Armor pierce
+ initial Fury Swipes ability.

When i made this sub ability i thought why the hell not, werewolves are enemies to the vampires anyways :D...


Bestial Sprint:

"While in sprinting in the werewolf form, the momentum of your speed causes enemies to crumble to their feet."


Sprint to your enemy and they will fly away (same as Unreleting Force).

Fury 1:

"Your claws are now sharp and deadly."


10 % Chance for Critical Strike

Fury 2:

"Further hunting under the moons, your claws are more sharper and deadlier than before."


15 % Chance For Critical Strike
25 % More critical Damage
15 % Stagger

Fury 3:

"Your claws are now sharp as the edge of Hircine's Spear, this rich boon by Hircine has empowered you for future hunts."

20 % Chance for Critical Strike
50 % More Critical Damage
25 % Stagger



"GORGING: instead of 100 hp heal while devouring your prey, youre healing by total of 400.
The PlayerWerewolfAbility 10-50 lvl:
Magic Resistence 10 (lv 10)-max 60 (lvl 50), bonus to health and stamina and minor damage resistance's."

(LV4) adds new features: 

(damages all targets in an arc in front of you)

***FERVOR***  (2.5 version): Increases attack speeds in human form with one handed weapons up to 20 % max when enemy health decreases, resets to default/previous values character has. Switching target's reset's the bonus attack speed and also depends on how much other target has remaining hp, the less hp more attack speed.
Note: also works with any combinations of weapons/shields equipped including dual wielding, note that when playing with Ordinator, Fervor is strickly only for one handed weapons because Ordinator already has Massacre ability which increases your attack speeds with two handed weapons by insane amounts with a chance.
If you have unlocked Dual Flurry perk (vanilla) or with Ordinator  (Ravage) both perks for Dual Wield speeds which is 35 % Fervor adds another 20 % depends on enemy health which is total of 55 % increased attack speed while dual wielding.



If you had my previous werewolf overhaul mod:

Dawnguard required, Latest TESV SE patch required
1. Download 2.0 Version, if there is new version overwrite if asked
2. Use Loot to sort your load order
3. Go into the game obviously :D
4. If you have Moonlight Tales installed (and i recommand it you do!) use MCM commands:
4.a. Debug---> Cure Player from any type of beastblood
4.b. If it succeded you will see short black screen, check your active magic effects if you have Werewolf Blood listed if not, go to next step
4.c. Reinfect your self either with Sanies Lupinus Disease or choose Grant Player Werewolf blood
4.d. If all worked as it should you should see after few seconds on left corner of the screen:
Werewolf Blood Added
Detect Life Added
Also after that you should see that your werewolf skin changed (if not go to MT's MCM menu----> Werewolf Skins ----> untick Use the base skin)
5. Play!

For new users
1. Extract contents of the archive to the Skyrim installation folder.
2. Eneble the esp in the launcher.
3. Play!


Werewolf Revert Form - compatible
Real Feeding - compatible
Predator Vision - compatible
Moonlight Tales SE - incompatible out of the box, for people who would like to use MT i strongly suggest they download MT Essentials (from oldrim) and convert the files for SSE
Ordinator - compatible
More Werewolves SE - compatible
Diverse Werewolf Collection - compatible
Sanies Lupinus Disease - compatible


Diverse Werewolf Collection SE
More Werewolves SE
Real Feeding
Predator Vision
Werewolf Revert Form (SSE Nexus)
Sanies Lupinus Disease

With these mods Bloodmoon Rising works flawlessly i strongly recommand you download these.


Brevi/Spwned - tnx for all help you provided with compatibility script and skin system itself
|RekoL| - also thanks for scripting help
T3nd0 - couldnt forget him, awesome friend! :D

Other people:

NsJones - RL friend and cool guy :D

Obviously all mod users, thanks guys and girls without you the updating of the mod would be pointless!
Thank you so much for support, endorsing the mod and giving me inspiration to continiue working on it.