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Conversion of Jaxonz Archery Util from Skyrim LE. I'm not a modder, I just followed a guide here on Nexus.

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This is a conversion.  I do not own this mod, nor did I create it.  All credit goes to the original author, Jaxonz.  The original mod page states that he was leaving the Skyrim mod scene in 2015...and that we are free to change or mess with his mods as his source code is in each one.  I sent him a PM notifying him that I had done this and intended to share.  

First - I am not a modder.  I've played Skyrim and SE for nearly 1000 hours and have gotten pretty handy with Mod Organizer and making my game work the way I want.  

Anyway...if you need the Legendary Version - Jaxonz Archery Util

This was one of my must-haves that never moved over to SE...I specifically wanted the feature where it snaps to first person when aiming a bow.  I TESTED THAT SPECIFICALLY and it works.  The tracer feature also works.  The MCM appears and works as intended.  I did not try the archery calibration features.

I have about 190 mods installed, including this.  

Here's what I did - I unpacked the BSA, using the utility here on the Nexus.  I then followed this guide.  Basically opened the CK, renamed some actor and renamed it back, and then saved.  

So in the archive you'll find folders instead of a BSA and then you'll find the esp.  The original readme is also in there.  Install with MO2 or NMM or whatever - I use MO2.