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Play as the mighty Thor.

Inspired by The Asgardian God Race by KalEltheKryptonian from Skyrim

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Thor is moderately OP in this mod as he should be. 

Updated to 1.1.1 

Fixed some bugs. Now, Thor's unarmed damage has been reduced. Normal unarmed attacks will launch your enemy if they are not killed. Power unarmed attacks other than the combo will shoot a lightning bolt. I re-watched Thor: Ragnorak scene where Thor initial awakes his power and shot a lightning bolt with his punch to Hulk, so I decided to make this change. 

Make sure to use "showracemenu" console command and pick Asgardian - Thor race again, or else the unarmed damage will remain overpowered. 

Thor's Lightning Fury: shoots a stream of lightning. Can disintegrate. 
Thor's Lightning Bolt: shoots a lightning bolt. Can one shot and disintegrate a normal mortal. 
Thor's Lightning Cloak: surrounds yourself with lightning which will damage all enemies who come close. 
Get Help: target an actor to help you. Now it has sound effect. 

Asgardian's Recovery: Asgadians possess enhanced recovery 
God of Thunder Thor: call down a lightning storm on your enemies. 
Thor's Odin Force: Increase all resistance, weapon attack speed, and running speed. All destruction spells are strengthened. Can't seem to script his unarmed speed to increase as well, so I will leave that to version 2. 

Asgardian's Physiology: Superhuman strength, Superhuman durability, Superhuman stamina

Recommended mods: 

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Flying Mod Beta by porroone and Flying Mod Overhaul by Indefiance (Converted for SSE) - by DimitriyKostov

Hope you enjoy it!

Took me a year to make this,from 2018 to 2019.