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Integrates CACO's mechanics into several items in Tamrielic Culture, as well as rebalancing certain items and omitting others that were outright redundant.

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If you're like me, you enjoyed discovering fancy wine bottles on ghost ships or in a bandit's plunder, yet you also enjoy the gameplay changes Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overual (CACO) offers.  Unfortunately, Tamrielic Culture adds these items with vanilla effects and stats, and therefore cannot synergize with CACO by default, plus some of the potions were outright unbalanced.  To make matters more frustrating, some items won't even work with iNeed, so you could down several bottles of glacial water and still be dying of thirst.

This patch aims to fix that.

I went through every food and potion-related item and rebalanced their stats as well as changed their stats to better work in tandem with CACO.  Some of the larger wine bottles now have servings per bottle and the various Cyrodilic potions you come across now have better naming conventions as well as better-balanced gold values and stats.  (I saw a fortify stamina potion worth 600 gold!)  I also replaced some vanilla sound effects with those from CACO as well as added appropriate keywords to items.

Here is a list of comprehehsive list of changes (in a broad sense that is)
  • Restore Health/Magicka/Stamina potions now work with CACO's restore potion stats.  Same with damage stat poisons.
  • Several alcoholic beverages have been given extra servings as well as changed stats.
  • Potions now have appropriate naming conventions to determine their quality, but also differentiate their origin.
  • Weight & gold rebalances across the board.  Some I left mostly untouched, because I enjoy the idea of Telvanni Bug musk in an expensive light bottle.
  • Redundancies have been accounted for.  Both mods add items with the same name.  CACO's items are now the ones you will find both in the world and in recipes.
  • A few new recipes are included to synergize certain items between CACO and Tamrielic Culture.  Example:  Mandrake Roots can be turned into Ground Mandrake Root at a cooking spit.

The plugin is available in both .ESP and .ESL-flagged formats.
I may also make other patches in the future, such as with Project AHO amongst others, but time will tell.

Credits and thanks to:
  • Kryptopyr for making CACO and giving blanket permission to make patches for said mod
  • WatcherZero for making Tamrielic Culture and giving his permission to make this patch