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Mariah Female Redguard Follower mod with CBBE body

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Uhhhm, this is my first ever mod and I hope this goes well. I'm no experienced modder and this follower is pretty basic. Just wanted to upload my follower to the nexus. She uses CBBE body type because that's the only one I use. She's marriageable and has the "femaleyoungeager" voice type.... if you even care >.>

I have 2 versions. One is with physics and the other is without. I'm not too sure on the requirements but I will tell you what I use to make the physics work. Once again I'm a pretty entry low-level modder with zero experience... so if you come across any issues please bear with me as I try to solve them. 

She SHOULD be located in The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun!!!!! I say should because I noticed she wouldn't show up there on my other saves.... some weird things going on Idk much about. Bring clothes for her... I gave her clothes but most likely she won't be wearing any. I recommend using something like ATF, UFO, or other follower management mods.
I wanna make some shout outs to tools I used to make her: 

RACEMENU by expired6978
CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions for SSE and VR by Shizof
SINful CBP Config by 3aq
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by ousnius
Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture by Rektas69
Ks Hairdos Renewal by Kalilies
The Witcher 3 Eyes by Oaristys

Skyla follower mod creation and converting tutorial on youtube. Without her guide, I probably wouldn't even be able to do this because I'm a stupid chimp that needs my hand held through every single step in life