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Adds 6 levelled rings to the game with Fortify Unarmed enchantments.

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Ever wanted to play a Monk-like build and were annoyed that there is only one "Fortify Unarmed" piece of apparel in the game? Don't fancy enchanting your own so you can place your perks elsewhere? Or are you simply annoyed that unarmed combat seems to have been a bit half-cooked and a bit forgotten in Skyrim? Then this mod is for you. This mod adds 6 levelled rings to Skyrim to address this issue, these rings can be purchased from any merchant who sells enchanted rings or found anywhere you may find a ring like "Fortify One-Handed".

The rings in this mod follow the same system of Minor, -, Major, Eminent, Extreme and Peerless that the vanilla enchanted rings do.

Minor: Ring of the Brawler - Unarmed strikes do 10 additional damage. (Min level: 1)
- : Ring of the Oak Fist - Unarmed strikes do 20 additional damage. (Min level: 8)
Major: Ring of the Stone Fist - Unarmed strikes do 30 additional damage. (Min level: 16)
Eminent: Ring of the Iron Fist - Unarmed strikes do 40 additional damage. (Min level: 24)
Extreme: Ring of the Ebony Fist- Unarmed strikes do 50 additional damage. (Min level: 32)
Peerless: Ring of the Dragon Fist - Unarmed strikes do 60 additional damage. (Min level: 40)

Thanks to:

Bethesda - Making Skyrim and the Creation Kit.

DarkFox127 - Uploading really helpful Creation Kit tutorials.

Nexus - Hosting all of these mods.