Skyrim Special Edition

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New Imperial Armors, scale, chainmail, tunics, etc.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to equip the Imperial Legion in a way inspired by the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Armies. Heavy infantry will wear scale armor, medium tier troops will use chainmail, and the light infantry will wear tunics. A spear is also included. It does not replace the vanilla armors, instead it replaced the armors the Imperials use. For those who want the armor, but don't want the Imperials to use it; use Blacksmith Edition and craft the armors for yourself. Quartermaster Edition will re-outfit the Imperials with the new armor. Both .esp files are in the download so you can easily choose which one you want to use at any time. Should support all 10 races both male and female! Possibly minor clipping with the four Elven races. Possible clipping with East Empire female variant. Tunics are now light armor; I explain this in the following lore friendly way: Ancestor Moth Silk. I've also introduced some new armor into the new version, see below. Still supports males and females of all 10 races. 

The mod features: 

Imperial Soldiers:
-Five Imperial Scale Armor variants. (Stats based around General Tullius's armor)
-Six Imperial Chainmail Armor variants. (Fairly on par with Elven armor)
-Three Ridge Helmets. (Stats based around the steel helmet)
-Two Tunics. (Stats based around hide or Hold guard armor)
-One Fur Helmet based on the Pannonian Cap. (Stats based around fur helmet)
-One spear. 
-Three Oval Shields (Heavy). 
-Three Round Shields (Light)

Imperial Officers:
-Three Ridge Helmets with Crests.

Imperial General:
-One Gold Plated Imperial Scale Armor variant.
-One Gold Plated Ridge Helmet.

Penitus Oculatus:
-One Scale Armor variant.
-One Ridge Helmet with Crest.
-One Oval Shield. 

NEW Elite Infantry: 
-One Byzantine Inspired set; Full helmet, lamellar, splint boots, and gauntlets and a Kite Shield. (Steel Plate)
-Two Scale Coat Armors. (About the same stats as Dwarven)

East Empire Company Mercenaries:
-One Leather Armor.
-One Round Shield.

-One Imperial Satchel for boosting carry weight by 25lbs. 
-Imperial Legion Medals for decoration. 

Taro8 for part of the Berkasovo-type Ridge Helmets.
Jedo_Dre and Team: Shields, as well as used assets for Intercisa-type helmets, chainmail, Crests, meshes for the new scale and lamellar armorrs, A LOT of the new 1.1 content uses assets from the Historical Revival Mod. 
-Ousnius and Caliente: Outfit Studio.
-Ellise: Wayfarer's Coat.
-LadyKonalea: Making the helmet ground objects.
-Dragon/Diamond shield emblem design inspired by Fimbulvitir:
-JZBai: Lamellar Texture. 
-VaultMan30: Kite Shield. 
-Mayponce: Helped advise and give ideas and feedback on quite a bit of the new content. 
-ousnius: SSE Nif Optimizer.

LE Version

Video by BeliSaurus Gaming