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A simple compatibility patch that carries forward Survival Mode keywords/effects overwritten by USSEP without reverting USSEP's changes.

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The Survival Mode - USSEP Compatibility Patch is an .esl-flagged .esp file (or .espFE) created in SSEEdit after having filtered the Survival Mode Creation and the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch to check for conflicts; certain records have been overwritten to reinstate Survival Mode's features and maintain USSEP fixes by forwarding both. In other words, this patch merges Survival Mode's and USSEP's changes to certain records; rejoice as raw beef, pheasant roasts, mammoth steaks, and more restore Hunger and benefit from USSEP's fixes.

As of Version 1.1, this patch explicitly requires USSEP as a master; it can go anywhere in your load order after that. It now forwards certain USSEP fixes to records introduced in Survival Mode with vanilla counterparts, but doesn't alter Survival Mode's mechanics beyond that.

There are likely other mods that accomplish this, but they tend to include other features that change how Survival Mode works to some degree. This mod is for users who like Survival Mode as-is but don't want it to conflict with USSEP.

Perhaps one day I'll expand on this mod's features to address any other Survival-Mode-related bugs, but for now I'm just offering it as it is. This was a test to see if I could design a simple compatibility patch without minimal fuss, and I'm satisfied enough with the result that I've incorporated it into my load order and thought I'd share it with anyone who isn't interested in making their own compatibility patch.