Skyrim Special Edition

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The most popular eyelashes mod from Skyrim has come to Skyrim Special Edition!
This mod gives much longer and much more beautiful Eye-Lashes to all female characters in your game.

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This mod gives much longer Eye-Lashes to all females of your game.

The Eye-lashes' length is almost doubled, compared to the original lashes. This is nothing world-shaking, in fact it's only a changed mesh, but the effect looks nice imo.


Version 2.0
- Better Optimized Eyes Meshes. Thanks to JimFever!
This addresses the issue of eyes appearing slightly less open when converting eye meshes from Oldrim to Skyrim SE.  Illustration Below:

Version 1.3
- Meshes optimized for Skyrim Special Edition.
- Changed Eye_Environment_Mapping to Environment_Mapping, to prevent eye-glitch.

Version 1.1
- The Long Lashes now also work on single blind eyes.
- Added Long Lashes to Vampires.

Version 1.0
- initial release


- No Special Requirements for Skyrim Special Edition


- Install or Uninstall using any mod manager


 - To install manually, follow the steps correctly.

- It is important to use EXACTLY the same folder-structure as it is given in the mod pack.
- Any little mistake in path or a misspelled foldername will result in a non-working mod.

- NOTE: If a required folder already exists, copy the new content into it. If a required folder does not exist, you need to create it.

1. Unzip and extract the "HN66s Long Eye Lashes SE.7z" to any temporary folder.

2. Copy the contents into the designated folder, exactly the way you find it given in the mod-pack.

The Paths: assets/eyesfemale.nif assets/eyesfemalevampire.nif assets/faceparts/eyefemaleleft.nif assets/faceparts/eyefemaleright.nif

To Uninstall Manually, just delete all associated files that were copied over.


- There should be no incompatibility, except any mod that changes the same file.


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