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Adds a dialogue option to buy lumber in three different stack sizes (20, 100 or 250 per default) of Sawn Logs at a time when talking to sawmill operators or personal stewards.

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Buy Lumber In Larger Stacks


Important: Version 1.2 was bugged and didn't check for the correct amounts of gold in your inventory. Those few of you who downloaded it, please update to 1.21.

Version 1.21 adds the option to buy the larger stack sizes from your personal stewards as well, and the price per log as well as the three available stack sizes are now customizable using the console. The "immersive" version has been discontinued. See below for details.

Version 1.1 now shows the current amount of logs in your possession in the buying dialogue. To keep it as unintrusive as possible, I just edited that information into the "Never mind" option. The immersive version is now even more immersive than before. Woo hoo.


"Doing some building, eh? We can deliver it wherever you need. I'll have them hauled over right away."
"Doing some building, eh? We can deliver it wherever you need. I'll have them hauled over right away."
"Doing some building, eh? We can deliver it wherever you need. I'll have them hauled over right away."
"Doing some building, eh? We can deliver it wherever you need. I'll have them hauled over right away."
GAH! No more!

Buy Lumber In Larger Stacks (BLILS) is a simple mod that adds the option to buy lumber from sawmill operators and personal stewards in three different stack sizes of Sawn Logs at a time. These as well as the price paid per log are customizable through the console (thanks to Avalon2105 for inspiring me to add this feature).

The default stack sizes are 20, 100 and 250 logs per purchase. The default price per log is 10 Gold.

The new dialogue options are constrained by the same conditions as the vanilla option to buy 20 logs - you'll need to have started one of the BYOH quests added by Hearthfire as well as have enough gold to actually afford the selected amount of logs, and if you're trying to buy from Kharag gro-Shurkul at the Solitude Sawmill with insufficient funds, the option will not show up at all since he has no recorded voice line dedicated to declining your request.

When talking to sawmill operators, the amount of logs currently owned by you will be displayed in the "Never mind" response. Because there is no similarly good spot for this information when talking to stewards, and you're likely to be at most one cell transition away from your log pile when talking to one of them anyway, stewards won't display the amount of logs you already own. Also, when buying your lumber from a steward, you will get a message about removing money from you, but not the one about adding Sawn Logs, even though Sawn Logs will indeed be added. This is a quirk that's already present in vanilla; I've decided to faithfully reproduce it.

This mod only edits the hidden BYOHHouseBuilding quest by adding a few scripts to its aliases and some variables to its variable list as well as adding or replacing a few dialogue topics and topic infos, so it should be compatible with almost any other mod, unless it's one that also changes this quest or the relevant dialogue lines. So it's probably compatible with most mods, but not with Hearthfire Lumber Dialogue Requirements Removed. Ah well, there's always gotta be one.

BLILS requires the Skyrim.esm, Update.esm and HearthFires.esm master files and nothing else.

Since most of you will by now have figured out that the "immersive" version of BLILS was nothing more than me spazzing out a bit and making a really dumb joke out of it, I have decided to discontinue the immersive version. I might decide to add it back in if the demand gets overwhelming, but I'm not holding my breath.

To install BLILS, simply extract the contents of the zip file into your Skyrim SE folder. I don't think load order matters much with this mod, just put it anywhere after the master files or let LOOT sort it out for you. Activate it, then play. If you run into compatibility issues with any mod, which is quite unlikely, try to switch the order in which they are loaded relative to each other and see if that changes anything. If you can't get them to work together, drop a comment containing the details and I'll see what I can do.

Uninstalling is quite simple, just delete both the .esp and .bsa files and you should be fine.



In case you want to edit the price paid per log or the stack sizes, you can do that by using the console. I figured this would be a seldomly used option, so I didn't want to make a power or spell that clutters the menu or add any activators to existing cells, which also helps keep the mod's compatibility high.

The stack sizes are stored in global variables named BLILSSmallAmount, BLILSMediumAmount and BLILSLargeAmount. The price per log is stored in BLILSLogPrice. To edit any of these values, open up the game's console (~ key on English keyboards by default) and type the following:

set [variable name] to [value]

and hit Enter, where [variable name] is the name of the variable you want to change (duh) and [value] is the new value you want for the variable. So for example, if you want logs to be a bit more pricey (15 Gold per log) and the small stack size to be at 50 logs, you would use the commands

set BLILSLogPrice to 15 <Enter>


set BLILSSmallAmount to 50 <Enter>,

then close the console.

You don't have to enter anything for any value you want to leave at the current or default setting, only for the ones you want to change.

In order to make the game correctly calculate the cost per purchase after editing any of these values, save the game after entering all the console commands, then reload that savegame.

Until you reload that save, the cost will not be updated.

You could use that to cheat and pay next to nothing for a huge amount of logs, but then again, you can use this whole customization feature to set the price per log to zero anyway, so I'm expecting you to show some common sense and restraint here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you will break this mod if you enter negative values into any of these variables. You can enter decimal values, but they will get truncated. Stick to positive integer values that aren't astronomically high and you should be fine. Don't come crying to me if you've entered nonsense and got bugged results. The worst that should possibly happen is that you might have to enter proper values again afterwards and save/reload to make the mod work again, but I haven't tested every possible nonsensical value that you might be tempted to enter into those variables, so I don't know for sure.


Buy Lumber In Larger Stacks doesn't use any third-party assets, it's entirely my own work. You are permitted to freely use it and modify and redistribute it as long as you give me proper credit for it. Refer to the permissions section at the top of this page or contact me if you are unsure about your particular usage of the mod. I'm an agreeable bloke, so if you have something in mind that is not covered by the permissions section, just ask nicely. I'm sure we'll work something out.

The above paragraph is only true for version 1.2 and onward, since that required me to actually wrap my head around some basic scripting, which took me some time to learn. Versions 1.1 and 1.0 are much simpler, so you are free to use them in any way you want.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs. I will try to fix them soonish.

Thank you, and have fun playing.