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Lore Spellbreaker

The Spellbreaker artifact is a quaint shield, providing a small yet practical ward effect while blocking which can do a good job to protect you against spells for cheap. But the thing is that this once mighty artifact has had quite a nerf since the days of the old TES titles, where it was stated it could not just stop spells, but reflect them back to their casters and even silence them, making it the bane of mages everywhere.

In fact, Beth did scrap such a concept for the effect, since there's an unused DA13SpellBreakerEnchScript which would have bounced spells back. In this mod, I've done an implementation of the old shield's description, to somewhat better match the lore sources.

Spellbreaker still provides its old ward effect while blocking, with a twist. Projectile spells that your ward stops will now bounce back to where you aim. You can bounce spells back to their caster, or to whoever you are looking towards! But not only that. If the ward breaks, Spellbreaker can release a magicka negation blast which will deplete the reserves of all enemy spellcasters in the area for a few seconds. Truly a power fit for an ancient artifact. The blast has a cooldown before it may be triggered again, but you'll likely find that no one can keep casting spells at you once it triggers.

NOTE I said projectile spells. Concentration spells like flameblast and such cannot be bounced back, or rather shouldn't because their impact events pile up and it ends as the player character continuing to cast them after the ward effect ends. They can still be blocked by the ward as usual.

This mod changes the DA13SpellbreakerwardEffect to give it the new scripted features. However, the enchantment on Spellbreaker itself remains untouched, so you can use other mods to give the ward more potency for example.

You may find that spells you bounce back to NPCs will level your corresponding magic skills. I'm afraid there's not much I can do about that for the time being. You can however change whether bouncing back spells should require, and consume, their magicka cost on your character, by changing the global in the console:
set migSpellbreakerBounceCosts to 1
Or back to 0 to make them magicka-free as usual.

You can also change the length of the ward break blast cooldown in the console with:
set migSpellbreakerBlastCooldown to <seconds you want it to require>

So yeah, probably amateurish but maybe you find it interesting enough. Enjoy.