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Two minor tweaks to make Immersive Armors a little more immersive: one to turn off all armor distribution by default (best used when starting a new game - it's the same as just unchecking everything in the mod menu), and one to restore Hadvar and Ralof's vanilla armor sets (because they are not officers, and their IA outfits smash immersion).

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Jawbone's Immersive Armor "Fixes" v1.0

by Jawbone78


This mod contains two esps to make using Immersive Armors a little more immersive, in my opinion.

The first simply disables all distribution options by default for IA armors and shields. This is mainly useful for when you're starting a new game and you only want the IA armors to be craftable, or you want to control distribution right from the get-go. This only affects the starting settings for the mod menu, so you can still enable whatever you want whenever you want. Immersive Armors starts out with almost everything enabled; I simply prefer to keep most of the options for myself and my followers.

The second prevents Ralof and Hadvar from ever getting their IA armors, since neither one should have them. They are not high-ranking officers; they should have gear to match their station.

Use one or the other or both, depending on what you want.


This mod is provided as-is; I don't expect to have to make any updates to it, nor do I expect anyone to need any updates. Use at your own risk (for what it's worth, it's two teeny tiny esps that really pose no risk to anything, anywhere).


Install with your mod manager of choice, or else copy the mod(s) you want into your Data folder.


Uninstall with your mod manager of choice, or else remove the mod(s) you added during installation.


Do what you want with it; I don't really care.


Thank you to Hothtrooper and Ecks and everyone else who contributed to Immersive Armors. I love the mod; I just disagreed with two little parts of its implementation :).