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Fixes a few issues with disease effects so that they can enjoy a minimal consistency. Diseases can only be transmitted to the player, can be identified by keyword, and will not be affected by Restoration perk modifiers. Included an optional version for CC Survival Mode diseases.

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Disease Fixes

This is a somewhat minimal attempt to put the game's standard diseases in working order, so that as little as they do they should do it correctly at least.

Diseases in the game typically are transmitted by creature attacks with them defined in their attack animations, or by trap scripts applying them on impact. But as it turns out, this can affect both the player and NPCs, with undesirable results in the latter case. NPCs like your horse or companions can contract Rockjoint from wolf attacks, and there's little way of telling if they are afflicted. A cure disease effect on them could work, but there are no targeted versions of those effects that I know of so curing them may be tricky.
The diseases themselves can even be absorbed by perks like Atronach, but that bug is fixed by the USSEP, so in that regard you really should use it as well.

Plus, a common pitfall of MANY magic effects in the game is having a magic school defined where literally None is needed, and disease effects are no exception. Many of them fall under the Restoration school, and presumably can be transmitted with potencies different than the standard one if your Restoration modifiers allow for such.

In this mod, all magic effects used in diseases from the vanilla game have been treated to avoid these problems, at least from here onwards:
* Disease effects can now only take hold on the player character, protecting all other NPCs from catching any of them.
* Any case where they used a magic school is removed, and thus they should be impervious to your magical modifiers.
* All disease effects were given a new keyword, MagicDisease, used in dialogue for the Vigilants of Stendarr to identify that you are diseased. While the vanilla game identified the individual effects, mods adding new ones like the CC's Survival Mode were excluded from this, so if having a severe or crippling disease version they would not offer to treat you... at least now they can, barring the interesting mess that Survival Mode does to diseases. In any case, it can be a handy way to identify if you're diseased for other ends.
* Several disease effects had their names changed for a better feeling consistency. The shorthand "Regen" now fully reads "Regeneration", "Reduced Weapon skills" from Droops was changed to "Reduced Weapon Damage" like in Rockjoint, and "Reduced Lockpick & Pickpocket" (ugh) from Ataxia was renamed to "Reduced Sleight of Hand".
* The PlayerVampireQuest script was recompiled to simply make use of the VampireCureDisease spell, which was commented out in favor of removing the individual disease spells for some reason. Again, so that new diseases like the ones from SM will get removed prior to transforming into a vampire. This should work for any and all diseases, so no idea why they opted to remove it...
If another mod of yours also changes PlayerVampireQuest, just use that and let it overwrite the version from this mod. It's nothing that can't be solved with a cure disease potion anyways.
* Cure Disease effects from the shrine blessings and the Vigil of Stendarr have the MagicAlchBeneficial keyword, which affects their spells to be considered alchemical as well. With Survival Mode, if you have sleep deprivation penalties, this will cause the blessings to lose potency in their other effects. This keyword is removed since it's clearly an oversight.
* Some diseases have a variant that is contracted by some traps, but they don't have qualms about you already having either version of it, so you can end up with both. So checks are also added to prevent this, limiting you to having one version of the disease active.

As mentioned, CC's Survival Mode is supported, albeit in a different file. Use "Disease Fixes.esp" if you don't use SM. An optional "Disease Fixes - Survival Mode.esp" patch is to be loaded after it if you do. They are .esl format so your load order can likely handle 2000 more like them. The included script includes the fixes by USSEP so of course you really don't need to ask.

This mod probably conflicts with everything. Ask less questions and have more fun modding :D