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About this mod

This mod adds around 9-10 hours of lore-friendly Dark Folk (Nordic) music to the game with some complimentary sound effects.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds around 9-10 hours of lore-friendly Dark Folk (Nordic) music to the game with some complimentary sound effects.

Unlike most other music mods, this mod will change the style of the music to a completely different one. All music tracks have been edited/mixed to fit perfectly into the game. Different Environments now enjoy different music. Riften and Solitude for example have different tracks that will play when you walk around in them.

The mod includes two modules:
  1. The Music Module willchange the playlists in the game using an esl flagged esp plugin. This is the main option. You can choose in the installer wether you want to replace or add to the vanilla music.
  2. The Sound/FX Module (optional) changes theUser interface sounds to fit better with the new music style unlike the Music Module it replaces the vanilla sounds. This affects the following sounds: New Game, New Location Discovered, Level Up, Skill Learn & Increase, Perk Selection, New Quest & Objectives, Alchemy and Enchanting.

  • Like most other mods, just use the mod manager of your choice. I recommended Mod Organizer 2 (visit their Discord Server for cool new features like BSA conflict detection).
  • You can also use Vortex or Kortex.
  • If you use Wrye Bash make sure that you use the latest version from the discord (For better esl and Fomod Support).
  • If you for some reason still use NMM, use at least the patched version from GitHub (No I will not provide a link, just use any other modern Mod Manager).
  • You should never install mods manually

The Music Module does not replace any vanilla files, instead it works by replacing some of the vanilla playlists and changing the Music played in some regions/ interiors. Because of that it requires patching. The playlists are easy. What ever music mod is loaded last, decides which music will be played. But the Cell/Worldspace records are a lot harder. Any mod which places items in the world, changes the weather, changes the light or the landscape will conflict. If thouse are not patched only one of the mods will change things. Take for example ELE and Yggdrasil Music. If ELE is loaded last, you will have it's new lighting, but not Yggdrasil Music's new playlists. Instead you will have the vanilla playlist, which is still filled with the new music, but of corse it feels better to hear the new region specific playlists.
There are two ways to patch. You can either do so youself with xEdit or you can automate it with Mator Smash. For most users, I would recommend the later one.
After you have done that you will hear the new playlists from this mod, if you want even combined with another music mod.

The SoundFX module requires no patching, because it replaces the vanilla sounds. Because of that it is compartible with every other soundFX mod like Immersive Sounds Compendium, Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE, Lucidity Sound FX and many others. Use a tool like ModOrganizer 2 to manage which mod replaces which sounds. Generally I recommend to let the Yggdrasil SoundFX Module overwrite every other mod.

Recommended settings ingame:
  • Without it set the music volume to at least 70%.

Credits, Artist Links, Shop Links and Videos
I recommend that you listen to at least a few of thouse to get a feeling for the new music style. That way you will know if this mod is for you.


Note for Content Creators
I recommend not to use this mod while you stream or record videos, because you will lose monetization on your content, but you may of courese contact the artists to ask for or purchase the rights to use some or all of their music in your videos, podcasts, …

If you publish your videos regardless without their permission, YouTube will either ban your video orput ads on your content and redirect monetization to the copyrightowners (music bands and record labels).

A note of thanks
This mod wouldn't be possible without the awsome help and permission from the artists!

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