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About this mod

This mod adds around 12 hours of lore-friendly Dark Folk (Nordic) and Dark Ambient music to the game with some complimentary sound effects. There is a section in the description to listen to many tracks from this mod to get a feeling for the style.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds around 12 hours of lore-friendly Dark Folk (Nordic) and Dark Ambient music to the game with some complimentary sound effects

Unlike most other music mods, this mod will change the style of the music to a completely different one. All music tracks have been edited/mixed to fit perfectly into the game.

The mod includes two modules:
  1. The Music Module will change the playlists in the game using an esl flagged esp plugin.
  2. The Sound/FX Module (optional) changes the User interface sounds to fit better with the new music style unlike the Music Module it replaces the vanilla sounds. This affects the following sounds: New game, Intro music, High Hrothgar discover, Location discover, Location reveal, Reward, New Quest / Update / Objectives, Rollover sounds, Select / De-select, Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, Word Wall Whisper, Word Wall / Shout learn, Perk select, Spell select
  3. Bonus: Silence Nirnroot and Sneak Attack.

Some preview for the sound effects:


Video by Heavy Burns

Video by LeviFusion

Video by Rudy102

Video by Ai Cave

  • Like most other mods, just use the mod manager of your choice. I recommended Mod Organizer 2.
  • You can also use a manager like Kortex or Vortex.
  • If you use Wrye Bash make sure that you use the latest version from the discord (For better esl and Fomod Support).
  • If you for some reason still use the ancient NMM, use at least the patched version from GitHub (No I will not provide a link, just do yourself a favor and use literally any other modern Mod Manager instead).
  • You should never install mods manually

Modpacks / Modlists / Wabbajack
The following modpacks, modlists, wabbajack packs, guides, ... use Yggdrasil Music. If your list uses it too, feel free to post it in the comments and if it looks good to me, I will link it here too.

  • Aldrnari (Wabbajack) - This one specifically lists Yggdrasil Music as a core mod, so expect a curated nordic experience.
  • Serenity 2 (Wabbajack)
  • NOIR (Wabbajack)
  • Living Skyrim (Wabbajack)

The Music Module does not replace any vanilla music tracks, instead it works by replacing some of the vanilla playlists. It uses conditions to decide which tracks in a playlist should be played when, to be more specific, if it plays tracks from a dungeon playlist, it checks if it is in a dwemer location or in the blackreach, and then either skips or plays tracks, that way we can have custom location music without requiring too much patching.

However, sometimes you still need to patch things.

Case 1: A plugin modifies a vanilla playlist to add / remove tracks. You can either load Yggdrasil after them or patch them to benefit from both mods. Generally the music style of Yggdrasil doesn't mesh too well with other music mods that follow a more vanilla style, so keep that in mind.

Case 2: A plugin adds a new playlist that contains modded and vanilla tracks. Those would require editing in xEdit to use Yggdrasil music instead.

Case 3: A mod adds new dwemer locations and you want the dwemer dungeon music to be played there. In this case, check out the Formlists in Yggdrasil music with xEdit and add the location records of the added dwemer dungeons to it in a patch.

The SoundFX module requires no patching, because it just replaces the vanilla sounds. Because of that it is compatible with every other soundFX mod like Immersive Sounds Compendium, Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE, Lucidity Sound FX and many others. Use a tool like ModOrganizer 2 to manage which mod replaces which sounds. Generally I recommend to let the Yggdrasil SoundFX Module overwrite every other SoundFX mod.

Credits, Artist Links, Shop Links and Videos
I recommend that you listen to at least a few of those to get a feeling for the new music style. That way you will know if this mod is for you.


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