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  1. tyrthyllanos
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    Just to clarify, you removed all the base bonuses per weapon type from the perks? Or did you keep them and add an ignore armor perk?

    Additionally... ignore armor is a weak bonus in vanilla Skyrim because very few enemies actually have armor ratings of any meaningful degree - they just have a ridiculous amount of HP instead. Basically only heavy armored human NPCs actually have lootable heavy armor will have an armor rating worth mitigating.
    1. miguick
      • premium
      • 1,032 posts
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      The perks keep their bonuses to sneak attacks per weapon type, it can be seen in the screenshots.

      I guess it's true it's a weak bonus, but I thought it made sense that proficiency in sneak attacks would also allow you to overcome the target's armor by hitting weak spots, the throat, etc... so as little as it helps, it's still something added on top of what's already there.