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A simple mod makes daedric artifacts much more deadly. Just for fun.

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This is my first mod to public..... made by sseedit only. Anyway, just for fun.
no script 

i delete description of most effects, so you may make your own funny description or translation. 
General improvement:
Higher value
Higher armor rating
Higher damage
Unlimited charges
(v1.1)Higher reach and faster attack 

Ebony blade:
- faster attack, higher reach. 
- absorb 50 points of health,  magicka, stamina when after 10 friends killed (do not change the other level)
- fire(fire wall), frost(freezing), shock (like a Tesla coil ) magic effect are added 
- non-hostile attack (BUT DON'T KILL)

Ebony mail:
- invisible when sneaking (added, but not change the original effect)
- walk on water when sneaking 
- fire cloak effect (it was built in game but do not show up somehow)
- Ice form when standstill which provide extra defense and make a ice wall damage the nearby

(Ebony blade and Ebony mail are my favor so i make it much nicer, the rest, whatever)
- higher chance  of ''Meridia’s Retribution'' (fiery explosion)
- burn the undead until dead 

Mace of Molag Bal
- wall of storm and fire 
- reanimate if attack corpse 

Masque of Clavicus Vile 
- Clairvoyance, night eye, detect life and undead 
- (1.1)Get a spell that conjure the rueful axes 

The Rueful Axe
- bleeding and  hysteria effect  target escape 
- have chance to makes target flee

Savior's Hide
- summon ghost form Sinding to fight for ya
- (v1.1) a bug cloak ( Spriggan's bug ) cause damage to nearby enemies

Ring of Hircine
- summon two  wolf (actually doge)

- ''Force Without Effort'' 
- (v1.1) vaporize magicka of nearby enemies

- stagger target
- power attack sent them to sky 

Sanguine Rose
- (1.1) summon lurker if dragonborn wearing daedric equipment (Ebony mail/Savior's Hide/Spellbreaker )

still digging for more and nicer effecst...... it may take me forever

known issue:
shock effect of Ebony blade may somehow not work and i can't figure out the reason

Leave comments and ideas if any... 
Thank your for your support! plz endorse !