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This is a Special Edition port of one of my favorite stealth mods

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Please note that I had a username change, so while the uploader name is different than my profile's name, just know that I, TheRealChivels, uploaded this mod. If you are looking to review this mod or talk about this mod, please credit "TheRealChivels" or just "Chivels" for the port and Darkwind Media for making this mod.

Please note that the original mod author has been inactive since 2013, so I took it upon myself to port and upload this mod. If the author or nexusmods want me to take it down, please tell me, and I will because I didn't get direct permission to do this. I did, however, leave a comment on the original mod's page. Credit to Darkwind Media for making the Oldrim edition.

Credit to Darkwind Media for the first 3 images (pulled from the original mod page)

Console ID: (xx = load order placement) xx000D62

Acquisition: Console commands or at the forge (requires 1 firewood, 1 iron ingot, and 2 leather strips)

Original mod here

Before I post the original mod's description, let me address the known bugs:
These are all bugs from the Oldrim version, not from my port

-My follower attacks me when I knock someone out!
People reported this bug in the comments of the Oldrim edition. My guess as to why this happens is because your follower sees you use it, and it fires off the detect script. I tried to knock someone out with a follower after using the "tdetect" command, and my follower was fine, but as soon as I toggled detection back on and knocked someone else out, he became hostile. The solution that I propose is to not use followers... Chances are, if you're using this weapon, you're playing a nonlethal thief character, and followers are nothing but loud killing machines, so they are not needed.
Just found a solution: Tell your follower to wait somewhere else while you do the bopping!

-I bopped someone atop their dome, and they didn't get knocked out! What the hell?!
You were either detected, or your blackjack is out of enchantment charge...

-I'm getting script lag!!!!!!!!!
This is a bug that I recently found, myself. If there is a HUGE number of unconscious enemies in one cell, you might experience a small amount of script lag. The solution is to leave the cell or wake some up. It's nothing terrible, just a small delay, and I discovered it after bopping almost every single boppable thing in Blackreach, so I think you're safe.

-List to be expanded if more are found.


Now, here's the original mod's description as Darkwind Media posted it 5 years ago:

"The weapon will only work properly when you are attacking someone who has not detected you. If they have seen you the weapon will nearly no damage. Once you've struck the enemy they will crumple to the ground unconscious. The amount of time they are unconscious varies but will be less than half a game day.

Wake Up!

Once someone has been knocked out you may want to awaken them before they wake up naturally. You can do this by just hitting them again with any weapon (blackjack included) but you run the risk of the person realizing you just hit them and attacking back. The chance of this happening depends on your faction and relationship rating with that person.

If you want a safer way to wake them up then you can use Smelling Salts. You can grab some salt piles, and then turn them into Smelling Salts at any cooking pot. You use one smelling salt to awaken one person.

You should definitely put your blackjack away before the victim wakes up. If they see you standing over them with a blackjack in hand they will realize it was you who knocked them out and raise the alarm.

But wait there's more

You can get your own blackjack rather easily. You can create the weapon at any forge with just simple ingredients: firewood, iron ingot, and some leather strips. 

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For another useful stealth mod check out Mark Targets:

    • 1.3 - Completely rewritten from the ground up
    • 1.2 - Fixed interactions with knocked out enemies
    • 1.1 - Added some missing scripts
    • 1.0 - Initial release"