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Makes changes including enchantments, magic effects, and game mechanic tweaks.

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HyperPatch - Effects


I've always felt certain aspects of Skyrim needed to be tweaked, so I made my own mod to change those things. It has come to encompass a lot of different changes, as well as prompting me to create mods for even more things. I am now sharing the one that makes the simplest changes. I would like to make more mods in the future, but that will depend on whether or not there is the demand and support to do that. I have more content to post and more ideas that I will be working on, but it takes a lot of work [for me] to make a mod look professional and word descriptions - like this one.


The changes include enchantments, magic effects, and game mechanic tweaks, but really cover more than that. I will list some changes generally here but I'll make the rest documented in an excel file in the downloads.

> Storm Thralls (and Potent Storm Thralls) now use chain lightning
> Renamed all instances of "corundum" to "copper"
> Unique enchantment for the Silverblood Family Ring that makes more efficient use of silver
> Wards charge twice as fast
> Alchemy effects are ~2x stronger (2x stronger at skill=100)
> Argonians swim faster than other races
> Hagravens can use Frost Cloak, Hagraven Drain (basically vampiric drain), and summon an Ice Wraith
> Unspent dragon souls fortify shouts
> Fixed flesh spell scrolls to be as potent as their spell counterparts
> Allies will not say "Stupid dog!", non-allies will say it 50% of the time though
> Summon Arniel's Shade is now a proper master spell (casting time, casting cost, xp) and duration increased from 60 sec to 180 sec
> Battle Cry only effects enemies
> Gave Focusing Gloves a weight and value (same as the Mystic Tuning Gloves)
> Master Illusion spells now have the "ritual spell" keyword
> Added magic inventory art to various spells/abilities/effects
> Added 2 new ranks to Fists of Steel perk to do 2x and 3x the gauntlets' armor rating in extra damage
> Wear all hoods with circlets/masks
> Fixed Psiijic clothes. "Psijic" clothes now have appropriate weight and value
> female NPCs always use female animations + various tweaks/fixes to them
> USSEP revert: Auriel's Bow no longer counts as a Daedric Artifact for the purposes of the Oblivion Walker achievement
> Edited several weapon and apparel stats and enchantment (Notably some Daedric weapons and Dragon Priest Masks)
> Improved White Phial effects
> Buffed religious blessings, and a few perks, shouts and standing stones

A few of the changes I made seem inconsistent if you don't have some of the mods I use. Although you certainly do not need them and this mod does not require them so I didn't list them as requirements. More on that in the "recommended" section.


This mod requires all official dlc (obviously, this is SE so you have all the official dlc anyway) and USSEP (the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch). I could make this mod not require USSEP without too much trouble, but I would highly recommend USSEP anyway, and I just feel the mod wouldn't make much sense without USSEP. In my opinion, why would you want the changes in this mod if you aren't going to bother fixing all the bugs that the Unofficial Patch fixes? There really is little reason not to use USSEP, if it changes anything that you don't like (which isn't unreasonable as it changes a couple of things that I don't like, most of the ones I don't like get overwritten by this mod anyway) you can easily make a revert patch or install an existing one. If you need help making one yourself, it is fairly easy to do with SSEEdit, ask anyone, myself included.


As for what I said in the "description" section about other mods that aren't necessarily requirements it is hard to list every mod that appears to keep consistency with my mod as it's a little bit a matter of opinion. However, I will list these ones specifically:

Realistic Weapon Reaches
WeightOV (just Balance - Potions and Book - BCS)
Dragonborn Delayed
(the version for after Dragonslayer)

Remember these are NOT requirements. You can totally play without them and it is up to you to decide if they fit, but I felt these ones in particular, for me, are necessary for some parts of my mod. If you want my full load order you can ask, I have no problem disclosing that, I'd just rather not because it is very long, I can't endorse all of them, and it would take a long time to document every mod I use (as some are loose files and sometimes I forget I have them). However, some very good mods that I do recommend are:

And obviously the four I listed previously as well as the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. This is not a comprehensive list; there are many more mods I use that I could recommend, but if I did that I think I would just be listing most of the mods in my load order, so these are just the ones I feel stand out most.


This should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit the same records, however this mod changes a lot of different records, so you may have some conflicts. Worst case scenario one mod overwrites the other, which one gets overwritten depends on your load order - which is the same for any mod. Some new to modding their game may think this means the one that gets overwritten gets completely lost in favor of the one lower in your load order that wins the conflict; what actually happens is that only the individual records in conflict are affected - not the entire mod.
I recommend putting this mod very high in your load order, so it loads before any other mod. That way you'll get the changes from any more important mods in the end. As this mod is just an .esp and a fairly simple one at that, which adds no scripts, it is very easy to patch it with SSEEdit (also meaning that it should generally be safe to install or uninstall at anytime). If you need help doing that, there are many tutorials you can find on the matter, and I can certainly assist as well. If this mod causes game breaking bugs or serious exploits due to compatibility issues please let me know, obviously I have never encountered those issues and am unaware of them.

Thank You

Thanks for reading this far! And thank you to Bethesda for making this game and the entire Elder Scrolls franchise that I love so much! Feel free to share your comments, opinions, experiences, etc. in the comments or discussion tabs.