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Adds a quest to let the player become High King of Skyrim. As High King, you are able to drastically change the lives of all NPCs through new dialogue. This mod is my attempt at integrating (most of) the features of aysigago's Become High King of Skyrim mod into the existing world of Skyrim, without using a new worldspace.

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This is my attempt at integrating (most of) the features of aysigago's "Become High King of Skyrim" into the existing world of Skyrim. He/she
created this mod. All I've done is make a few changes.

This mod adds a quest to let the player become High King of Skyrim. As High King,
you are able to drastically change the lives of any NPC through
dialogue that unlocks after completing the newly added quest.

Starting the quest

After completing Dragonslayer, speak with any NPC who likes you (not Surgus).


1. A new NPC in the Solitude prison, in the room where Ahtar the headsman eats.. His name is Surgus of the Black. He is a hireable assassin and he is carrying a spare Jagged Crown (for the lazy/neutral). To use his services, mark the NPC you want killed with a new dialogue option, then return to Surgus and pay him 1500 gold.

2. High King gameplay

You will have random people greet you and acknowledge you as High King
You gain a new dialogue option when arrested that allows you to clear your crime and bounty instantly
You can order people to bow to you, dance for you, give you all their possssions, become a potential marriage candidate, die.

> You can promote any NPC to

A. Your Royal Court

Royal Court members will live in Solitude's Blue Palace

- collects taxes
- allows you to be divorced
- allows you to call the Rangers or your spouse back to Solitude 
- allows you to call the Jarls for a meeting in the Blue Palace (Jarls promoted by this mod only)

- teaches hard to learn skills (once/day)
- allows you to turn off extra dialogues like "Do you fear death?" (used
to make NPCs essential/unessential) and "(mark for death)" (used for
marking assassination targets)

Court Wizard
- provides a store where you can buy potions of all kinds

- leader of your army
- allows you to purchase soldiers

Royal Blacksmith
- sells pre-tempered weapons

B. The High King's bodyguard

You can command anyone to guard you
Bodyguards can be leveled up
Bodyguards, as well as soldiers and rangers can be taught perks.
Perks cost 1000-2000 gold

Perk List:
One Handed Master - 50% bonus 1H damage
Two Handed Master - 100% bonus 2H damage
Armor Master - 100% bonus armor
Bow Master - 100% bonus bow damage
Arcane Ward - 50% magic damage immunity
Dragonheart - bonus 500 health points

C. The Royal Army

- can be bought from the Captain of the Royal Guard for 1500 gold each
- you can buy 5 soldiers at once for 7500 gold
- will spawn at your level
- can be outfitted individually
- will live in Castle Dour

Heroes of Skyrim
- you can promote anyone to a hero of skyrim
- you can have up to 5 heroes
- heroes will live in Castle Dour and train in the courtyard

Rangers of Skyrim
- will patrol Skyrim an fight bandits and monsters encountered
- Can be commanded to return to Solitude by talking to the Steward
- The first ranger you promote will be the Ranger Captain
- You can have up to 5 Rangers

D. Citizens

You can promote NPC's into a citizen of Solitude
They will live and work in the city
They will sleep in Proudspire Manor
You can promote up to 30 citizens

E. Royalty

- will live in the Blue Palace
- You can have up to 5 Thanes

Royal Spouse
- you can only promote someone to Royal Spouse if you married them with the game's marriage quest
- you can ask your spouse to follow you on adventures (you can ask him/her to level up and learn perks like your bodyguard)
- you can ask your spouse to go out and explore Skyrim, he/she will keep on exploring until asked to return to Solitude
- you can ask your spouse to visit a random city in Skyrim, he/she will stay there until asked to return to Solitude
- random city could be Riften, Whiterun or Solitude
- you can ask your Steward to command your spouse to return to Solitude
- your spouse will bring gifts from his/her travels if you had asked him/her to visit a city or explore Skyrim
- you can ask your spouse to live in the Blue Palace.

- promote anyone into a Jarl of any of the major cities
- Promoted Jarls will live in that city's castle
- Promoted Jarls can be demoted
- Promoted Jarls can be asked to change clothes
- Promoted Jarls can be asked to meet in the Blue Palace via the Steward
- No changes were made to old jarls, you will need to get rid of them some other way

> You can punish anyone in a variety of ways

- you can have anyone imprisoned
- prisoners will stay in the Solitude dungeon

Slave Labor
- you can have anyone enslaved to work in the Stonehills mines

- you can have people sent to the arena
- you can have have two people fight in the arena
- to make two people fight, set one to "gladiator" and another NPC to "challenger".

> Thalmor War

The Thalmor ambassador now starts the Thalmor War quest
starting the war will create 4 battle zones that you can visit

The Thalmor ambassador
- Can be found in your court
- Can be used to make/break a peace treaty with the Thalmor
- Can be asked to reset the battle zones

Thalmor Random Encounter
- there is a small chance the Thalmor will attack Whiterun, Markarth, Windhelm, Solitude or Riften while you are there
- every Thalmor slain counts and reduces the Thalmor forces

Thalmor War Embassy
- if you have started the Thalmor War and is done with the embassy part
of the main quest, the Thalmor Embassy will convert into a War Embassy
- will have soldiers inside you can kill to reduce their numbers
- will have a commander, that when killed will greatly reduce their numbers (anywhere from 50-300!)
- this is a high level area and is quite challenging, they represent the Thalmor elite and are at least level 70 or above!
- this area respawns when you exit

Thalmor Battle Zones
- 4 Thalmor Battle Zones will appear in Skyrim representing the Thalmor invasion force
- Location: Just outside Whiterun, near Stendarr's Beacon, near Halldir's Cairn, near Peak's Shade Tower
- entering the zone will start a battle, with 15-30 Thalmor forces on one
side and 10 Skyrim Soldiers, your Housecarl and Skyrim Heroes on the
- Thalmor soldiers in the battle zone will be at lvl 30
- Each battle zone can only be done once, afterwards you now need to talk to the Thalmor Ambassador to reset all the zones
- It is recommended that you bring your army while engaging in the battle zone

Completing the quest

To get the Jagged Crown: play through the Civil War questline (either side) until you've handed the Jagged Crown over to your commander. Once that mission is complete, the Crown should appear on the table with the map. If it doesn't, leave for 10 days and come back when the cell has respawned. 

If you don't want to get involved in the Civil War, find Surgus in the Solitude prison. He has an extra crown in his inventory.

To get 60 supporters: you can ask any NPC to support your claim. If they like you, they will accept. To make NPCs like you, you can do quests for them, hire them if they're mercenaries, give them money if they're beggars etc.

Once you've got the supporters and the crown, talk to Ulfric or Elisif to complete quest.


- There is no voiced dialogue. Turn on your subtitles. If dialogue moves too fast to be readable, use Fuz Ro D-oh
- If the quest can't be completed, open the console and type "set AAIsHighKing to 1". This will give you the High King dialogue instantly
- The "Do you fear death?" dialogue is used to make NPCs essential/unessential. Use the "Set AAKingExtra to 0" console command to
turn off the dialogue
- The notifications when you promote or punish someone show the old names/titles. I can't fix this
- Starting a new game with this mod active can cause infinite loading screens. Activate it later
- To stop the Thalmor War through the console, enter "setstage AAKingSkyrim 10"
- Surgus has a tendency to disappear. However, he is not important for the quest
- NPCs may get stuck in a greeting loop. No known cause 


No issues as far as I know


Q: What armor is the guard wearing?
Also use this

Q: How do I start the quest without going through the main questline?
A: Use the following console command: setstage MQ305 200. This will break the main quest and possibly other things, use at your own risk.

Q: How do I become High King without all the work and without console commands?
A: There's a shortcut. Talk to Arngeir while having 1 broom and 420 gold in your inventory.

Q: If I play as a woman, will I still be addressed as High King?
A: No, NPCs will call you Queen.

Q: What is Highreach/how do I get there?
A: Highreach is a custom city that was a major part of the original version of this mod. In this version, Highreach is accessible only by console command (coc highreach), but there isn't much to see. Several notifications still refer to it, this is unfortunately unfixable.


I apologize for everything that isn't working properly. This is my first modding attempt.
Feedback and bug reports are always appreciated.
Current status of the mod: as good as finished.
Before updating, you may want to read the change log.