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Makes Rayek's End SSE a purchasable home.

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-= Requires Rayek's End - SSE Expanded Edition v1.7 by Rayek =-

I made this patch for the ravishing Rayek's End house mod for SSE, for those like myself who prefer to use their hard-earned Septims to buy their
real estate.

The Jarl of Whiterun has seized the property known as Rayek's End due to extended vacancy, and has placed the duty of managing the sale of the property to Sabjorn at the Honningbrew Meadery.  The price of the house key is set at 2000 gold, but varies depending on your Speech skills (due to the fact that the key is sold as a misc item) and can be over 6000 gold if you have low Speech.  I think most people consider Rayek's End a starter home so I made the price relatively cheap, but let me know if you think it's should be adjusted.

I've placed a Notice of Forfeiture on the front door, detailing that the house has been seized and Sabjorn is handling its purchase at Honningbrew.  In the even that something happens to Sabjorn...Mallus Maccius will handle the sale at the meadery.  Regarding lighting, I've chosen the default Dark version of the mod and won't likely patch the other versions.

I've also added a HARD version, which locks the door to the main bedroom suite with a second key that is set at a variable 2000 gold (depending on Speech).  However, the front door key is lowered to 1000 gold, making the main area more accessible to early characters to use for crafting and storage.  In this version I've added a toggle-able bedroll by the bookcases, giving you somewhere to sleep with the main suite locked.  I've also heavily nerfed Rayek's Blade, making it more of a low-mid range weapon in damage, more fitting for early game.

Same conflicts that the original mod may have.  May also conflict with any mod that edits the Sabjorn(ID: 0002BA8C) or Mallus Maccius(ID: 0002BA8E) npc's.

These are replacer esp's, so just overwrite the "Rayeks_End_SSE_1.0.esp" with my versions.  Also install the Scripts folder which includes DarkFox's script files.  Drop them in your Data folder or use your mod manager, just like any other mod.

Thank you to Rayek for his amazing work on the Rayek's End mod, and for granting permission to release this patch.

This mod uses the PM_Script_BuyKey script from DarkFox127's Project Modularity resource.  Want to make your favorite house mod buyable? Follow his guide here!: