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Simple, lore-friendly White Phial buffs. Reuploaded from old account.

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"The White Phial is a legendary bottle, forged in the days when Skyrim was just starting its turn to ice. A small container, made of the magically infused snow that first fell on the Throat of the World. It is said that the Phial will replenish whatever fluid is placed inside of it."


That's the description of the White Phial on UESP, but its in-game effects sure don't reflect its uses, huh? You can choose between several effects, but all of them range from useless to passable except the one-handed one. While there are plenty of White Phial rebalancing mods, there are very few for Special Edition, and those that do exist are band-aids or make the tooltips into small novels.

Whiter Phial is a simple mod to work around that, by modifying each of the variants while attempting to remain true to the item's backstory and preventing it from becoming an instant winner of any fight. Each of the alignments has been reworked to be more interesting and powerful.

This mod can be inserted or removed freely from an existing game, regardless of if you have the White Phial. Because it modifies the base item instead of adding a new one, Whiter Phial is incompatible with any other mod that affects the White Phial's effects. Model replacers may or may not function normally.


"I want to resist the forces of magic."
  • Vanilla: +20% magic resistance for 60 seconds.
  • Modded: +80% magic resistance for 60 seconds.
"I want to be tougher in battle."
  • Vanilla: +20 stamina for 5 minutes.
  • Modded: 80% physical damage resistance for 30 seconds. Doubled stamina regen for 5 minutes.
"I want to be better hidden in the shadows."
  • Vanilla: +20% sneak for 60 seconds.
  • Modded: +25% sneak and silent movement for 5 minutes.
"I want to strengthen my magical skills."
  • Vanilla: +20 magicka for 5 minutes.
  • Modded: +100 magicka and +50% magicka regen for 5 minutes.
"I want to deal more damage in battle."
  • Vanilla: +50% one-handed damage for 1 minute.
  • Modded: +50% one-handed, two-handed, and archery damage for 1 minute.
"I'd like it to have the power of healing."
  • Vanilla: Restores 100 health.
  • Modded: Restores all health and cures diseases.

If you encounter any incompatibilities, please let me know!