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This is my attempt to make Marius from Anne Rice vampire book series. Though I used the actor from the movie Queen of the damned as a template.

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He is level one and no quests are done. The main story aren't active as I use the Live another life mod. But you can just head up to the Jarl at Dragonsreach in Whiterun to start it if you want to?

He owns Breezehome. And you will find him standing outside when the game starts.

I have included 500.000 gold, some useful potions a lot of smithing supplies and Marius is set to be able to carry a lot.
You will need the Enhanced Character Edit SE mod. The hair is vanilla.

I recommend that you also download the Become a Vampire - Anytime mod from here:


Then you can turn Vampire when you want to?.

And also download Better Vampires:


This mod will make playing as a vampire more interesting and fun

Not a must have mod. But this Daywalker ring will make it possible to be out in the daylight as a vampire without any punishment.