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This is Lestat De Lioncourt the vampire from Anne Rice book series.

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I have given him 500000 gold a ton of smithing stuff, some potions wich I belive you will find userful both before and after the transformation into a vampire. He can carry a lot.

I have used the Live another life mod for this character. So there are no main story going on. If you do not want to talk to the jarl in Whiterun and trigger it again that is?
No other quests are done. And Lestat is level one.

He own Breezehome, where you will find him standing outside when you start the game.

You wlll need the Enhanced Character Edit mod and the Apachii hair dito.

Tips: Get the Be a Vampire mod from old Skyrim.


Then you can choose  yourself when you want to change him.

And also the Better Vampires mod from here:


It will make playing as a blood sucker more interesting and fun.

For those who want to be able to be out in the daylight as  a Vampire without any punishment? This is the mod to get:


Happy gaming!