Skyrim Special Edition
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OBSOLETE. Adjusts the placement of the Blacksmith's and several trees to remove some minor clipping.

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Edit 7/7/20: QaxeIsKaze seems to have deleted their mods. I respect their right to control their work, and I hope that they are doing well! Thank you Qaxe for the fun I had playing your mods. This patch is now functionally obsolete, unless you previously downloaded Winterhold Rebuild. I'll be leaving it here for posterity. I've not personally played with Winterhold Restored, but it seems like a solid alternative to JK's Winterhold and Winterhold Rebuild if you're looking for a mod that breathes some life back into the city of Shalidor.

Adjusts the placement of the Blacksmith's and several trees to remove some minor clipping. I built this for the Oldrim version of JK's Winterhold that I ported myself.

User Stratego89's workaround for folks that use the full version of JK's Skyrim (sorry if the dumb way I made this gave you a headache!!):

-Install and activate JK's Skyrim, Qaxe's Winterhold Rebuild, and NoirGold's patch (that's the order I did it) in your mod organizer (I'm
using vortex).
-Sort out any conflicts aside from the obvious missing master one.
-Open Wryebash, right-click this patch's esp, hover over 'file', left-click
'create dummy masters'. When a prompt appears, click yes. This will
create an empty 'JK's Winterhold.esp' which your preferred mod organizer
should recognize as an appropriate master file for this patch. To my
knowledge, this empty esp does LITERALLY nothing at all aside from let
this patch do it's magic.
-Go back into your mod organizer, enable this new esp, sort your plugins
with loot, redeploy mods (all the normal stuff). Side note: I have so
many mods that wyrebash disabled a ton of plugins to do it's thing, so I
had to re-enable those in my mod organizer afterwards. Make sure to
check for that.
-Congratulations, you should now be able to start up SSE and have both mods and the patch
working together properly without issue."

Install with manager of choice, load after JK's and Winterhold Rebuild.
If installing on an existing save, disable both Qaxe and JK and save the game. Then, enable them with my patch activated and you should be off to the races.