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A large green screen room with a separate dressing room containing all standard weapons, armour, clothing, jewellery, and staffs.

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A mod created by mgbeach <<< Link to original mod.
To access the Green Screen Room, simply type "coc greenscreen" into the console.
To exit the room, use fast travel.

Below is a video which this mod was used to help create:

Below is the original description:

To enter room, open console and type "coc greenscreen"
To exit, just fast travel out.

If you use this to produce any machinima, please send me a link and I'll put it in the video section

UPDATE v1.1: Doubled size of room and removed the cyc wall. With lighting changes it was no longer needed to avoid shadows and it was also causing clipping issues as you moved through the room. Moved the chests and table out of the main "stage" area and into its own "dressing room area" in the same cell. It's accessed through a trapdoor in the corner near where you zone into the stage area. I did this to avoid the furniture annoying people by inadvertently showing in filmed scenes and potentially ruining shots.

I saw a post in the forums suggesting something like this and thought it was a good idea so went ahead and whipped it up. As I went to upload it I saw that someone else has just uploaded a similar mod. I'm going ahead and adding this one because it does include some unique features like a cyc wall to prevent hard edge shadows and make extractions and compositing easier.

There are also four chests which include all standard armor, standard weapons, clothing/jewelry, and staffs to serve as wardrobe for your machinima productions. I needed something else to anchor the space somewhat and prevent total disorientation so I added an empty craft services table :)

I hope someone finds it useful.. just let me know if you need anything else added or changed and I'll see what I can do. I'd really like to have switches to change between several lighting setups, so if anyone knows how to do that and would like to contribute please PM me.