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A workaround to enhance Frostfall vampire support. Please read description.

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Frostfall - Vampire fix

This mod was created to answer to some Sacrosanct users' request. It is an attempt to fix that their vampire sate which is unrecognized by Frostfall.
This fix works for nearly all vampire overhaul.

What kind of problems unrecognized vampires will face ?
Even if you use supernatural or immortal mode, Vampire will suffer from cold as a simple human.
  • They are not more resistant to Frost
  • They suffer of frostbites.
  • They die when the swim in frigid water
  • Frost kill them

What this mod do?
It will re-enable Frostfall features:
  • Vampires will be more resistant to cold (+ 100 Warmth) [Supernatural & Immortal Mode]
  • Vampires are immune to Frostbite  [Supernatural & Immortal Mode]
  • Vampires can swim in Frigid Water [Immortal Mode]
  • Frost don't kill you even if you still suffer of negative effects. [Immortal Mode]

How this mod works?
This mod changes Frostfall's frostbite conditions to avoid applying effect to vampire when you select supernatural or immortal mode. It changes frostfall settings dynamically when needed depending of your state (human or vampire) and restore them after.

Why toying with settings instead of fixing Frostfall's script?
My first reason is that i don't want to tweak Frostfall too much because I still hope that Chesko will update it and i'm pretty sure he will fix these kind of things.
The second ones is more trivial, I can't recompile Frosfall base scripts even when I use the devKit.

Why using this mod if I can do it myself?
This mod is a convenient way to play a vampire as you should with Frostfall. I don't like the fact that I must remember what kind of settings i must change when I'm playing, thinking about it during my playthrough is boring.
I suppose a lot of people are like me.
As always, if you don't like it don't use it, I will still loving you ;)

Any downsides?
The only real downside I notice is that frostbite textual notification are still showing in top left corner even if effects are not applied.
If you enter in MCM you can notice that settings are not always the one you set, it is normal, it is due how this mod works.
It is a very simple and lightweight mod that can be disabled easily if needed, I didn't noticed any performance drop.

Even if i created it for Sacrosanct, it works with any Vampire overhaul which use the global variable "playerisvampire" (nearly all).

Can be placed anywhere, but after Frostfall.
If you share my hope that Chesko will update Frostfall, place it near the end of your load order, so you will be able to remove it when this problem will be fixed.

Chesko for its works !