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Replaces the Fus-Ro-Dah Shout with Take-A-Call.

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This mode Replaces the Fus-Ro-Dah shout with Take-A-Call.

This is for anyone who has worked at a call center and while in the midst of a conversation you have to Take A Call!




Mods that replace the Fus Ro Dah sounds will conflict. Everything else should be Compatible.


  • My Co-workers for the Idea
  • The Owl himself  for the voice without him the mod would not be possible
  • SpLinTeR and the mod mod how overwrite the files
  • greentea101 and the mod for converting .wav files to .fuz
  • Prometheus Discord
  • The Dark Fox Guild Discord
  • Especially Candoran2 from both gave guidance and pointed me to the two mods mentioned above
  • To icecreamassassin for teaching me the basics of the creation kit and how to correctly upload files
  • Zebsi-Nōburu for his knowledge and insight