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This is a initial release of PsiKotics Necromancy Mod for SSE. I take no credit for the original mod all credit and praise for that goes to the original mod author. a Link to that mod can be found here

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This is a initial release of PsiKotics Necromancy Mod for SSE.

I take no credit for the original mod all credit and praise for that goes to the original mod author. a Link to that mod can be found here

Now as i have just now converted this over and i am still testing this feel free to offer any feedback or let me know of issues. I cant promise that i will be able to finish the mod but i can do my best to get it running stable at first and then ill see where i can go from there. 

As far as i know this mod has been abandoned in oldrim so since i used this in every play through i wanted it again for SSE and im sure others want it too. Just to clear this up for anyone that may be confused.

On Psisolder's original mod page located here ( it states that conversions are allowed to other games. And since Skyrim Special Editions is considered another game i believe i am in the ok for doing a base conversion. I loved this mod in oldrim and if everything is working as it was. Then this will be a awesome mod for anyone of the necro persuasion.

Now where i believe i may run into some issues is improving the mod. Cause the permission page states that i must obtain his permission. Now while i may not be able to do that, a nexus mod could inform me of what i can and cant do, i should be in the clear to do a base conversion as is. 

I really hope yall enjoy this as much as i do, and if there are any questions feel free to ask.

Artwork by Jonas Springborg

Edited by: PipoXXXmax and Xion209

Current version SSE Beta

Requires most recent version of Skyrim Special Edition

This Mod is a work in progress. Currently the mod adds a major expansion to the Conjuration Perk tree along with a series of new summon undead spells. This mod adds over 70 new perks, many of which allow you to customize your undead summon spells dynamically. But don't let the 70 perks intimidate you, you can play a perfectly great necromancer and still focus on other trees as well. The great thing about the number of perks is the freedom they give you to play a necromancer your way with your own style.

With a diverse assortment of perk choices your experience as a necromancer could end up being vastly different from that of another player. For example Player A may choose to increase his Legion of the Dead perks and Ritual and Control Expertise Perks and summon a larger army of weak skeletal minions. While Player B Chooses to invest in Hasten the Dead, Harden the Dead and Imbue the Dead and lead a small group of highly skilled, powerful and fast moving undead death dealers. Another player may opt for a more balanced approach of those two while yet another player chooses to specialize in Blood, Death and perhaps Spirit Mastery and meet his enemies head on. The choices is yours and so this mod is what you make of it

The Path of the Necromancer can lead to ultimate power over both the living and the dead. However, it will not always be an easy path. In the beginning you may find your life difficult as your undead minions are weak and die quickly and easily. But for those who persevere and continue down the path with resolve and discipline they will find themselves in command of forces other mortals can only dream of.

What does all of this mean? It means that with a basic Summon Skeleton Minion spell your summon will take about 15 seconds to summon, start with 40 health, 30 skill points in most important skills be of average or slow speed, and cost 30 points of manna subtracted from the player's total as Upkeep and it will be permanent until destroyed. However with appropriate perk investments that Same skeleton might have over 300 Health, close to 90 in all combat skills, take a half a second to summon, posses extreme speed and only cost a single point of manna to maintain. Now consider that if you have invested that amount of skill points to reach this level you also likely have the ability to summon an entire army of undead killing machines.

Vampiric Regenration: Vampire characters will be granted permanent health regeneration to a small degree


(Teleport Minion: Skeleton) Will teleport all Skeleton Minions to target location
(Teleport Minion: Barbarian)Will teleport all Skeleton Barbarians to target location
(Teleport Minion: Archer) Will teleport all Skeleton Archers to target location


(Summon Fire Mage)OBTAINED VIA RESEARCH IN LAB! You may also purchase for a steep price
(Summon Lightning Mage)OBTAINED VIA RESEARCH IN LAB! You may also purchase for a steep price

In later updates you will be required to complete quests to gain some spells or recipes for spells and then complete a ritual to gain the actual spell as well as the option to build a laboratory in the Defiled Sanctum and command your liches and mages to research new spells for you.

But at this time you will simply purchase the spells. Currently you can get the spells from a number of npcs There is also a custom NPC that sells the spells located in the Riften Graveyard.

In ages past the Sanctum was once the lair of a powerful necromancer. However due to unknown reasons it was abandoned long ago or its owner destroyed and has since fallen into ruin. It is believed that the Sanctum serves as a beacon for both evil and those that would destroy it. Many sections of the lair have succumbed to cave-ins and the entire lair has been cut off from the outside world by a collapse of the entrance. However the power of death still resides in the old ruins and may reach out and call to a powerful necromancer worthy of restoring the sanctum. 

A powerful necromancer adept at traveling the stygian paths of the dead my find the Defiled Sanctum calling out to them. Once they learn its location they may travel there via teleportation and begin the process of claiming and restoring the lair. Once they find the heart of the dungeon they may activate the glowing orbs to begin issuing commands for the lair. The first step of the process is to clear the rubble and begin the restoration process. Once the rubble has been cleared they can begin to build the instruments needed to turn the lair into a fully functional player base. At present you may build a Smelter, Forge, Workbench, Grindstone and an Alchemy Lab with more to come.

The Defiled Sanctum is still a work in progress and you can expect many many changes and additions to come in the future. At current time I have not allowed you to clear the entrance to the lair in part because I plan to have the lair subject to incursions by random adventurers and as you grow in power attacks from opposing factions. And also in part because I have not yet chosen (Or honestly even looked for a location to place the entrance in the outside world, and intend to look for a place where the player can build a large number of buildings on the surface as they grow in power so I need an appropriate place to build a number of other structures near the surface entrance)

Summoning Undead in graveyards will give you a 50 point boost to the health of any undead summoned in that location. Currently only Whiterun, Riften, Solitude and Windhelm have been added but more will come at a later time. You should receive a message stating when you will receive or not receive a bonus for summoning as you enter and leave a Graveyard.



If you haven't found the Laboratory yet you need to be using the Stygian Path spells until you locate the Defiled Sanctum.. Use the new spell Stygian Paths: Defiled Sanctum to reach the lair.. Once inside the lair you can locate the throne room and use the eye of Magi to begin clearing out the lair.. One of the options will allow you to clear out the Laboratory and the Pit Do so and you will be able to enter the laboratory.

You may conduct research in the laboratory for various fields of study. At present time only the Undead Research category is active. To begin research in the Undead you will need to acquire the spell "Capture Undead" once you have the spell you may begin capturing undead test subjects for your undead research. Almost any undead enemy you encounter may be used as a test subject. The only known exception are certain ghosts or possibly undead added from other mods. Engage the enemy undead in combat and when they are below 25% health you may cast the Capture Undead spell on them. It should always be successful on valid targets that are below 25% health. After a few seconds they will be teleported to the Pit in the Laboratory of the Defiled Sanctum to await their turn to be slaughtered and used as a test subject for your research.

Once you have acquired your test subjects you may go to the laboratory and click on the floating eye of Magus ball near the altar in the laboratory. This will present you with the various options for conduction research. At present the options are Increased Health, Increased Skill, Decreased Upkeep and New minion types. The first three options may be researched indefinitely however each successive improvement will require more time for the next improvement. All research is conducted in real time and the speed at which it is conducted is dependent on the number of researchers you assign to the project. At present time you may assign Ice Mages and Liches to conduct the research. Each Ice Mage will provide one point of Research while each lich is worth 3.

So for example.. 

Assigning Once Ice Mage to a Research new minion type project with a base time of 3000 seconds will provide the base amount of research meaning the project will take 

(3000/1) / 60 *Seconds* =50 Minutes

Assigning Two Ice Mages to the same project 

(3000/2) / 60 *Seconds* = 25 Minutes

So the more you assign to a project the faster it will be completed. The formula for other improvements is a bit more complicated the time is essentially multiplied by the number of improvements you already have made although the base time is much lower than that of researching new types of undead.