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Redecorates the thieves guild to reflect the wealth they've accumulated as you finish the reputation quests. Created by senterpat, ported by Vain.3805 (aka Sulhir)

Permissions and credits
Why senterpat made this mod:
I was annoyed with how little the thieves guild improves despite the other members claims. Before, a few beds and tables got switched out for nicer ones, and a few crappy cabinets were added. The overall result was kind of lame. Now the Ragged Flagon and Thieves Guild Headquarters lighting, furniture, containers, and loot will improve a bit more with each reputation question completed. All in a 100% lore friendly manner. Two new fences are also available, one will be available from the start, Ra'skaar a Khajit skooma vendor, can be found in the ragged flagon. The other will eventually set up shop in a new area in the flagon.

Ragged Flagon and Cistern are dingier and grosser when you first enter and improve drastically by the end of the Thieves Guild questline.
There is now a shortcut to the Ragged Flagon behind the Riften Stables.
The Cistern now has a private area with safe storage with display racks and also improves dynamically as you rise in the ranks.

Important notes:
There are shelves full of lockboxes with minor loot for training on. All reset after a time, along with all other containers except those in the private area added.
May be used on any playthrough at any point in the Thieves Guild questline.

Mod Manager or Manual

Remove the two .bsa files and the .esp

Compatible with:
a bunch of mods that haven't been ported and only one allows conversion without asking first

Will conflict with mods that affect the Thieves Guild headquarters or the Ragged Flagon locations and layout (USSEP patch required)

If you like this, pay a visit to the Oldrim page and show your appreciation to senterpat!