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Replaces hay and fur beds throughout Skyrim with the next level up.

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This mod did not originate with me, but was the work of the brilliant XunAmarox, who has given me written permission to port it as they do not play SSE. The original mod can be found here; please go and give the author kudos if you are so inclined. I am merely a conduit.

I'm sure the beds on which the simple folk of Skyrim sleep are thoroughly authentic, painstakingly researched and authoritatively referenced by the best authorities on bedding of the period, whatever that may have been. My only trifling objection to them is that I would really rather sleep in a ditch.  Enter this essential mod, which brings to a grateful citizenry the blessings of upholstery, blankets and clean linen, formerly available only to the slightly less poor. After all, if there's someone out there making mattresses and bedding, they may as well make them for everyone, right? Especially if it means the Dragonborn can get a decent night's kip at the end of a long day of hacking and slashing. Hardy souls may scoff, purists may moan about the lore. Go to Markarth and sleep on a lump of stone if that's what you like. Now when an innkeeper offers "warm food, warm drinks and warm beds," you can know they're telling the truth.

Here's XunAmarox's original description:

'It's so simple that I'm amazed it hasn't been done.

Do you hate straw beds? Cringe whenever you see one and lose the urge to sleep? Well, lose your sleep no more! No more hay beds, no sir. Noble beds for all.

This is a simple model replacer mod with no scripts - it should be safe to install or uninstall on any save. It changes the "common" and "upperclass" beds - both single and double, to "noble" beds. You know, the nice green ones that actually look somewhat fit for human use.

As an added bonus, they're color coded so you still know what's "really" supposed to be there. Green is noble - that's vanilla. Red is "upperclass" and blue violet is "common."

Yep... you're welcome.'

I have optimized the nifs with, er, NIF Optimizer, fluffed up the pillows and turned down the sheets. Sleep well.