Riverwood Reborn - Special Edition by Countercruel
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Added: 01/11/2016 - 11:26AM
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Riverwood Reborn


Riverwood Reborn is a mod that focuses on bringing back appeal to the village along with some much needed tweaks and additions which is
Based on my most popular mod for Skyrim LE, i hope this will bring joy to those you liked it before.
The entire mod has had an entire pass-through with the new Creation Kit for optimal gameplay and experience.


-Remastered layout of the city, including new bridges, walkways and more, Fully navmeshed and stable-
-Smelter for those itching to well... smelt things-
-Decorations and lamposts, fully ELFX Compatible-
-Flora and rocking outcrops such as-
Hand placed ferns
Hand placed trees and bushes
A number of vines and floor decor
Flowing water effects through the village
And much more!

1. Question: Is this mod compatible with "abc mod". Answer: It is compatible with most mods, but may have some issues with other Village mods. 

2. Question: Do you plan to support this mod after release?. Answer: Yes absolutely, bug fixes and further suggestions are and will be worked on.