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Player Home Located east of Dragon Bridge, on your way to Whiterun.

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This is the 'Legendary and final version" of "Mia's GetAway".

This place is located east of Dragon Bridge and is highlighted on the map for fast travel.

It will require a "New Game" as the "The Dragon Bridge Crime Scene" at the carriage has been moved.

You will find the "Journal" on the crate behind the carriage.

The dead horse and bodies has been removed.

That is the reason a "New Game" will be required, as your "Saved Game" will not show up the journal in its' new location.

If you choose to install without a new game, "No Problem". The journal that is near the carriage points you to the camp across the river. There you will find another journal that will point you to a nearby cave. After investigating the scene, you find "Falmer Arrows". That and other things will lead you to the camp site across the river. So your quest is not lost.

A photo is in the media pics of the Merchants Journal, this way you at least know the contents.

This is the final version of this mod, no further expansions.

I will only address problems if they should occur.

The "Mad Hunter" has been removed!

There are 4 Interior House Colors to choose from, See last photo.

You will find Mia's journal in the basement.
A friend suggested changes to the mod and they have been completed.
Mia has passed on, and you are now in possession of her property .