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About this mod

Let's you add Off The Shelf functions to your mod and/or adds a few shops and OTS functions to some vanilla shops.

Permissions and credits
This feature was copied from my other mod Skoomatologist.

Requires SKSE64

Off The Shelf (OTS) is a resource/mod. Adds a few short scripts you can attach to items in shops so you can buy them directly off the shelf. This is a work in progress so buyer beware.

The ESP adds a general store outside of Whiterun with a few examples of what the scripts can do, it also adds a Blacksmith in Morthal and Spell/Alchemy merchant in the Hall of Countenance. It also adds drunk visual effects to Nord Mead for the mead barrel example. The mod adds OTS buying to some of  Skyrims shops and adds mead barrels to most of the inns. (See list of shops at the bottom)

Those that want to use this as a mod can ignore everything between "Features" and "OTS Stores". Just install and play like any other mod

  • Takes into account complete price formula.  (Skill, perks, potions, enchantments, blessings, etc.)*
  • Accurate, 1 septim margin of error
  • For sale items will be marked Take instead of Steal*
  • Confirmation message with calculated price or notification with cost if you don't have enough gold
  • Gold gets transferred from player to vendor
  • Items respawn
  • Uses fBarterMin/Max so it should work with economy mods
  • A few ready to use activators you can place in your shops
  • Drunk visual effects. Just add the "Drunk" magic effect to your alcohols and set the duration. (ESP adds it to Nord Mead)
*See Issues

  • If you want to place multiple items, say a red apple, place 1 apple, attach the script and auto-fill. Now duplicate the apple as many times as you need, the copies will have the script attached and filled
  • You can use Leveled Item markers instead of items to randomize the stores stock rather than hand pick each item, you can take it a step further and make your own Leveled Lists
  • There are plaques near the items in the Whiterun store that say which script they use and the vendor sells a poorly written book that explains a little about each section
Note: The obsolete scripts should no longer be used. I left them in for backwards compatibility but you should use the AutoLink versions from now on.

  • (Obsolete, use AutoLink version) skmBuyOffShelf: This is the standard script, it calculates the price, moves the gold from the player to the vendor and moves the item from the world into the players inventory
  • (Obsolete, use AutoLink version) skmBuyOffShelfCopyItem: Same as above except it adds a copy to the player without removing the item in the world
  • (Obsolete, use AutoLink version) skmBuyFromActivator: This activator script gets attached to an activator, the player buys from the activator and the potion gets applied directly. (Nord Mead Barrel example in images)
  • (Obsolete, use AutoLink version) skmCopyFromActivator: Another activator script, same as above but it adds the potion to the inventory/ (Firebrand Wine example in images)
  • skmBuyOffShelfEnchantAutoLink: Similar to skmBuyOffShelfAutoLink but for enchanted weapons and armor.

How To
(Optional) If you don't want OTS as a master, you need to copy the records from Off The Shelf Demo.esp into your mod. You can use whatever is in the esp however you want so long as you follow the permission guidelines.

How to set up a shop:
  1. Place a "otsMaleMarker" or "otsFemaleMarker" depending on the vendors gender
  2. Link marker to vendor chest

How to use regular scripts:
  1. Attach an AutoLink script to an item
  2. Auto-Fill properties, make sure you have Off The Shelf as a master or have copied the records into your mod.
  3. (Optional) Tick the Respawn checkbox if you want the item to respawn

How to use activator scripts:
  1. Attach an AutoLink activator script to an activator
  2. Auto-Fill properties, make sure you have Off The Shelf as a master or have copied the records into your mod.
  3. You'll have an unfilled property left, put in the potion, food or ingredient you want the activator to dispense

  • Won't work well with mods that change Haggling, Allure or Blessing of Zenithar. Patches may be possible depending on the changes
  • Doesn't work in exterior cells or cells without ownership
  • The script scans for the nearest marker when you buy so you need to be mindful of placement in places with multiple vendors

  • Doesn't take into account the Allure perk yet
  • Sometimes when you go back to a shop where the items have respawned, you won't be able to activate them. Exiting and entering the store fixes this.
  • Cheaper items you can take if you're friends with the merchant can get confusing since for sale items are marked Take. I'm trying to find a better workaround
  • Not working with some enchanted items. It's getting the value of the base item instead of the enchanted one. It'll calculate the buy price of a Steel Axe when buying a Steel Axe of Fire. I haven't looked into this yet. Seems good but enchanted items are quite varied, needs more testing.
  • You can't read for sale books, just buy or steal.
  • If you drop a purchased item in a store, you'll have to buy it back

OTS Stores:
  • (New)General store outside of Whiterun
  • (New)Blacksmith in Morthal by lumber mill
  • (New)Spell/Alchemy merchant in the Hall of Countenance
  • Belethor's General Goods
  • Arcadia's Cauldron
  • Bannered Mare
  • Warmaiden's
  • Drunken Hunstman
  • Dragonsreach (Ferengar's Area)
  • Hag's Cure
  • Riverwood Trader
  • Pawned Prawn
  • Elgrim's Elixirs
  • Bee and Bard
  • Angeline's Aromatics
  • Bits and Pieces
  • White Phial
  • Grave Concoctions
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Nightgate Inn
  • Old Hroldan Inn
  • Frostfruit Inn
  • The Frozen Hearth
  • The White Hall (Madena's Room)
  • Dead Man's Drink
  • Gray Pine Goods
  • Falion's House
  • Sleeping Giant Inn
  • Solitude Fletcher
  • Radiant Raiment
  • Winking Skeever
  • Sadri's Used Wares
  • Mooraide Inn

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