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A lightweight multi-follower mod
● Up to three active followers plus one animal follower
● Up to 10 potential followers relaxing at home
● Home can be set anywhere
● Followers can ride horses, relax at your home, use potions and learn new spells
● Requires USSEP but does NOT require SKSE

Permissions and credits

Have you ever thought to yourself "I really need a sexy follower overhaul?" And not just any kind of sexy, but the sexy that will blow your mind, rock your socks, titillate your bait, tickle your pickle? Well now you can titillate your bait, rock your socks, float your boat...well you get it.

Introducing the Sexy Follower Overhaul, the one stop all your needs filled for managing followers. This is the most logical, comprehensive overhaul in an itty bitty sexy package. I'm going to go into some nitty gritty details so if you don't read what it does and break your follower AI, that's your fault. YOU CAN’T BE SEXY IF YOU DON’T READ! You deserve to be sexy, so keep reading.


● You can manage three active followers at any given time
● You can manage one animal follower at any given time
● Your followers will ride horses when you want them to (if using 'Convenient Horses', pick one or the other function for followers, not both)
● Your follower’s horses can be set to graze, letting you continue on foot
● Your followers can have new outfits set
● Your followers will hang out and relax
● Your followers can use potions and learn new spells
● Followers are smarter ‘n the average bear, Yogi
● Potential followers can be invited to hang out in your party palace* or any other rendezvous point you set

This mod is set up out of the box without having to tinker every aspect of your followers for hours on end, leaving you with hundreds of extra sexy minutes to actually play the game. The game itself has limits however - how can you have a troupe of ten people fit inside Breezehome or Embershard at a time?!!  You can't. So this limits you to a party of five (you, an animal, and three sexy followers). I find it unimmersive to allow more than a few people at a time to share my adventures. And you don't want be unimmersive do you?! I thought so.

* Party Palace not included


Requires USSEP but does not require SKSE so next time Bethesda updates SSE and breaks all my SKSE mods, my followers will laugh and go right on sexily following.


Compatible with Simple NPC Outfit Manager by confusedchim.

There's a compatibility patch for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul , so if you use both at once we don't step on each other's toes.

Custom-voiced followers with their own AI are not a problem - you won't get the SFO dialogues with them, so you can't recruit them as SFO followers anyway. They do their own thing and we do ours. It's a wonderful world, isn't it?

Fairly obviously, this is not going to be very compatible with other mods that alter the vanilla follower behaviour or horse behaviour and you are likely to get bewildering results if you try. This includes AFT, EFF, MHIYH, Immersive Horses and so on. SFO is a lightweight replacer for those, not an adjunct. You can't install everything expecting to get the best of all possible worlds; you will get something broken that is your own private Azkaban and that's not sexy, is it?

More Reading

To find out more (and you want to know more, don't you?) you need to read the User Guide that comes with the download. It gets installed in your Data/Docs folder, along with the licence T&C for your lawyer to enjoy while you are busy playing Skyrim.

Other Versions

This mod was developed to be suitable for consoles as well. The XBox1 version on BethNet is called "Immersive Follower Framework and Overhaul". It's the same mod as you have here.


  • Vader and Tarshana for the initial Idea
  • Tarshana for the initial follower framework set up, horses, outfits, let’s chat/update function, backpack and saddlebag options
  • OMB for scripting work and ideas guru for potions and spell tomes, fixes to the DB and Serana follower framework, adjustments to the Stewards and hooking the mod into the USSEP fixes so that everything runs peachy keen
  • MistValkryie for the Banner/Title image work
  • Testers: OMB, Tarsh, Kojo, Ender, Doc, DeusZERO and Chris.