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Adds a set of Psijic Robes, acquirable after Arch-Mage status is achieved.

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  • Polish
Adds a set of Psijic Robes for the player to acquire after the Mages Guild main storyline is completed.

The set will still spawn if you've finished the Mages Guild storyline prior to installation. Just make sure you aren't in the Arch-Mage's quarters. Even if you are, just exit and reenter, the robes will spawn.

You can find the set on the Arch-Mage's bed.

The stats are as follows:

Psijic Robes: All spells cost <30>% less to cast, increase Magicka by <200> points, and Magicka regenerates <275>% faster.

Psijic Hood: Increase Magicka by <100>, +<15>% magic resistance, and grants Waterbreathing.

Psijic Gloves: Increase Magicka by <100> points, Magicka regenerates <25>% faster.

Psijic Boots: Increase Magicka by <100> points, +<15>% magic resistance.

Gamwich has a texture for the Psijic Robes in his Rustic Clothing (2k version in these screens).