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Use a smelter to melt down items in Beyond Skyrim - Bruma into ingots. Includes versions with smithing requirements and with No Smithing Requirements (NSR).

Permissions and credits

  • Provides recipes for melting down various items in the Heartlands of Beyond Skyrim into ingots, for now Bruma.

  • Includes common armor, common weapons, arrows, and horseshoes. Not included more rare items, and items that do not seem to be used/implemented yet.

  • Recipes will only appear if player has items in their inventory and also has the  associated smithing perk that may be required (unless using the NSR version). Meaning if an item has a perk requirement for crafting or tempering then melting it down has the same requirement.

  • Optional file with No Smithing Requirements (NSR) is available for those not wanting this restriction. Seems obvious but do not use both files together, choose one or the other.


  • I intended this to be used as a companion to Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement and try to follow it's conventions and practices with the possible exception of the two items listed below. However, this mod is totally independent only requiring Skyrim SE and Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.
  • Ingots are returned in the same quantity as specified in the recipe for construction if it exists, otherwise as specified by a recipe in Skyrim that might produce a similar item. There is no loss for smelting down materials as my research suggests 90% conversion may be a reasonable number for iron and steel IRL.

  • If a recipe uses multiple ingots and has no clear class (such as ebony) the most expensive ingot used in the recipe will be returned. 


  • Before reporting missing or not working items: not all items can be melted down so use xEdit to check if an item is implemented. Also while xEdit is open, check for any smithing perks that may be required then verify that your character has them.

  •  Or the opposite if using the NSR version and xEdit shows perks as required report that.


  • Two issues from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma are addressed, it is possible to craft a Mountain Lion Pelt into leather, and the recipe for crafting a Chainmail Cuirass only produces one item instead of two. Will be removed if BS - Bruma is updated.

  •  Also some naming may seem off for example the EditorID says Chainmail armor but the in-game text says Iron Armor, in that case the item is always process per the EditorID so in-game it will look like Iron Armor is returning Quicksilver ingots.

  • Mod checked as clean using xEdit 3.2.2.


Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement by Arthmoor  For inspiration and examples of how to do a similar thing in Bruma.
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE by 
The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team
SSEEdit by SSEEdit team ElminsterAU, HlpZilav, and Sharlikran